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Who is roy croft the author of the poem Love?

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From what I've found, Roy Croft is very hard to find. If you check out the following site, he seems to have the most information out of everyone else. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Poetry-678/Roy-Croft.htm
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Is Roy croft inn haunted?

According to stories, the Roycroft Inn is haunted. However, I, personally, do not have any proof of a haunting, myself.

What are some authors of love poems for him?

E.E Cummings is one of the few authors who writes love poems geared towards a male audience. That being said, your local LBG will have love poems for a male that you could use

Who are some authors of classic love poems?

Shakespeare still rules as the king of classic love poems. His sonnets set the standard for romance and lust, even being almost four hundred years old.