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the narrator of the early Sunday morning is Amber.
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What is Sunday morning?

  look ok.............. im not being funny or anything........... but its a day of the week.

What is a nice breakfast on a Sunday morning?

  A full English breakfast, which is made up of fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, blood pudding, toast, beans, fried tomato, hash browns, fried bread and tea. Pl

What is different about a Sunday morning?

Sunday Morning For some people, nothing at all! For others, it is the day they get up in the morning and go to worship. For others, Sunday morning is the morning that they can
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What to do on a Sunday morning?

Well, what i do is make a good breakfast for myself. Or if you're a  kid ask your parents if you can have _______ for breakfast. If you  can't find anything to do after that