Who is the actor in the Progressive Insurance commercial who plays Santa Claus?

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Who is the actress in the Progressive auto insurance commercial?

Progressive Auto Insurance Commercial . Contibutors had his to say about the actress in the ProgressiveCommercial: . If you are asking about the woman with the recurring roles, her name is Stephanie Courtney. She is in at least two other progressive commercials, including the "Check-out Girl" (MORE)

Who is the blonde in the latest Progressive Insurance commercial?

Correction to below answer:. The blond is in fact Monica Creel, not Leanna, according to Leanna herself when asked about the commercial 8/1/08. Yup her name is Leanna Creel and she is a triplet her sisters are Monica and Joy and they have appeared in growing pains, saved by the bell and also were (MORE)

Who are the actresses in the progressive insurance commercials?

The cashier is Stephanie Courtney, stand-up comedian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRZiMUJ8bqE&feature=related. She also played the "computerized" know-it-all working in the library of Wolfram & Hart on the TV series Angel - "Tricked out nametag" .... funny line!

Does Tori from Saved by the Bell do commercials for Progressive Insurance?

I've seen the commercial twice tonight, and I believe you are correct. The voice is the biggest giveaway, but when you really look close, you can see that it's her. Update: You are referencing Leanna Creel who played Tori Scott in Saved by the Bell. The woman in the commercial is in fact Monica Cre (MORE)

Who tracks the progress of Santa Claus every Christmas Eve?

NORAD- North American Air Defense command (part of the USAF). I guess probably the KGB keeps tabs on Nick too, as he"s (Nicholas II) a saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. Now to get a monitor on daughter number 4, red hair, five-nine, eyes blue, you know who- Anastasia! EDIT: The KGB (now the FSB (MORE)

Who plays Ahab in the progressive insurance commercial?

Captain Ahab on the Progressive commercial is none other than James Grant, the "man of a thousand voices." He has single-handedly recorded the Holy Bible's New Testament, portraying all the characters in it. He is a producer and director as well as a performer. . THIS IS INCORRECT!!!!! THE ACTOR WA (MORE)

Who are the actors in Progressive commercials?

Okay well, I'm almost positive I'm right ,but I don't know all of the actors. Flo is played by Stephanie Courtney and the blond in the name tag is Monica Creel. JK Simmons is in the farmers insurance commercial though.

Who played Santa in Santa Claus?

A fine example of a trick question! a Movie called Santa Claus was made sometime in the late fifties and perennially rerun- in the Yule season, ho ho ho! It was heavily advertised on Television, Radio and newspapers. The ads came on with a blitz- Santa Claus- everyone is waiting to see Santa Claus! (MORE)

Who is the actor in the farmers insurance commercial?

J. K. Simmons has been starring in the Farmers commercials asProfessor Nathaniel Burke of the University of Farmers since 2010,but he's mostly known for his roles in Law & Order, Oz, TheCloser, as well as the Spider-Man trilogy.

Does Santa Claus play football?

No . . . Santa Claus ISN'T REAL (if you're under nine years old, I'm sorry I just destroyed your world view), and football has no part in his mythology. Like most of the world Santa Claus prefers soccer.

Who is the actress that plays Meagan in the Progressive commercial?

The actress playing "Megan" in the progressive commercials is Melanie Paxson. Melanie Paxson (born Melanie Deanne Moore ; September 26, 1972) is an American actress. She is the middle child of three to parents Gay and Randy Moore. An alumna of Mahomet-Seymour High School in Mahomet, Illinois, sh (MORE)

Who played Santa Claus in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians?

For some odd reason, Santa Claus is one character that in a very real sense acts anonymously. The movie called Santa Claus- no mention of Martians, was heavily advertised on TV well into the seventies, having been made in the Fifties or sixties a judged from the style of the ad. The ads made no ment (MORE)

What is progressive commercial insurance ICC code?

The International Code Council Board of Directors and staff extend our thoughts and concerns for those who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy. We are grateful to ICC Members supporting the disaster preparation, response, and recovery efforts. Your communities will rely on your expertise in building (MORE)

Who played the actor Mrs Santa Claus?

Mrs Santa Claus was played by Angela Lansbury in the 1996 television musical. There have been many other actors who portrayed Mrs Claus in other films, and television shows as well.

What actors and actresses appeared in I Am Santa Claus - 2014?

The cast of I Am Santa Claus - 2014 includes: Joshuah Bearman as himself Ron Breach as himself Bob Elkin as himself Ric Erwin as himself Rob Figley as himself Mick Foley as himself Connie Gerardi as herself Jeff Germann as himself Jac Grimes as himself Tom Hartsfield as himself Artie Lange as himsel (MORE)