Who is the artist Auys?

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He is the flume musician
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What is artistic?

Artistic is when you have the ability to draw really good

What does an artist do?

Paint, sculpt, take photos, Artists make things to look at, listen to, feel, etc....

What is aui port in router?

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) is an interface that was used as Medium Independent Interface to connect to different connectors such as RJ45 & Coaxial connectors.

AUI port on a router connects to what networking protocol?

Ethernet AUI AUI cables have a D-type 15 pin connector. Pin assignments are as follows: . Pin 1. Control In circuit Shield. Pin 2. Control In circuit A. Pin 3. Data Out

What comprise AUI and API?

API comprises of lanuage libraries and systm call interface AUI comprises unix shell commands and application programe
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What does AUI stand for?

Being in the computer industry, this is my best guess. AUI = Audio User Interface If correct, it means that a device in question has either an audio output, or is able t
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What do aui stands for?

If I'm not mistaken I believe its: Attachment Unit Interface