Who is the best harmonica player alive?

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Well, as with any "who is best" question, it is all a matter of opinion. However, I don't think anyone would dispute that John Popper of Blues Traveler is the best harmonica player alive. Or would they? Actually, until recently, many fans of blazing fast harmonica had only John Popper and "Miss You" ace Sugar Blue to choose from. But with the emergence of Jason Ricci, a new speed demon has emerged: a player who effortly synthesizes Popper's rock approach, the deep blues of North Mississippi (where Ricci served his apprenticeship in Junior Kimbrough's legendary Chulahoma juke joint), and the overblow pyrotechnics of jazz/World-Music master Howard Levy. Popper was king in the 1990s; Ricci is the new star.
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What are the best harmonica songs?

Answer . There are many great harmonica songs. A good place to look is on google.com. The easiest one to learn is "West Texas Town of El Paso." It has easy key changes and is very easy to learn as a base song. Try working your way up to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" as well.

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What are best sites for harmonica music?

If you play the simple ten hole diatonic scale (no flat or sharp notes) or are just a beginner, try www.theofficenet.com/~rad. There is a section on how to play a harmonica using a dual binary chart system. Play a song in less than a minute. It also has a conversion chart to change regular music not (MORE)

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Most probably Rakim due to his lyrical style, flow and effect he had on all of hip-hop. Many of the greatest rappers like Eminem, Nas and many more would consider Rakim to be one of the greatest if not the greatest rapper of all time. About.com named him the greatest emcee of our time on the list "T (MORE)

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This is a question with answers more or less always composed of opinions. Truthfully; there is probably not a "best guitarist" or a "best anything", as the answer changes with everyone you ask. Its an opinion kind of thing. There are so many different genres, styles of playing and emerging musicians (MORE)

Where can you get a harmonica?

You can get Harmonica either in a local market or in onlineshopping site. But my view is not to trust local shop, this is whati experienced . I got my new harmonica from online site. For moreinfo you can visit feelthemusicalblues.wordpress.com.

What is the best way to learn how to play harmonica?

I will suggest a very good set of online harmonica lessons from http://www.HarmonicaAcademy.com. The site have audio players with each lessons, so you can learn and then play. Enjoy the lessons and your playing.

What is the best harmonica?

I personally think the C Harmonica is the best.. If you want to buy one, I would suggest this website.. http://folk-instruments.musiciansfriend.com/product/Hohner-56020-Special-20-Marine-Band-Harmonica?sku=420670

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T.i. Is not the best rapper alive. There is a real close debate for that title between eminem and lil Wayne but right now lil Wayne holds the title Sorry people but I think this dude mistakenly said Lil Wayne and meant to say between T.I. and Eminem and T.I. holds the title by a little bit

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The Best Black Rapper Alive Is Lil Wayne Tyga, And Busta Rhymes End Of This Discussion Everybody Knows This GoodBye And Have A Nicee Day Sincerely Jah'Tay Bradshaw In Waterbury, CT

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1- eminem 2- lil wayne 3- jay-z 4- kanye west 5- drake 6- nicki minaj 7- T.i. 8- nas 9- snoop dogg 10-wiz khalifa 11- kid cudi 12- diddy 13- ludacris 14- b.o.b 15- rick ross 16- lupe fiasco 17- gucci mane 18- waka flocka flame 19- fabolous 20- 50 cent

Who is the best harmonica player ever?

There is a dedicated young man who is a virtuoso harmonica player in both the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas by the name of MaestroPhil. Through his thorough knowledge of music he has mastered the instrument and made a name for himself worldwide. All the eyes are upon him in the harmonica world b (MORE)

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It has to be lil wayne. Hes featured in so many songs i seriously find new songs with him in it every week. Hes obviously doing something right. Millions of people love his music.

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How can u ask something like this when Maradona is alive? Maradona is the best player ever in the history of football.... Even Johan cryuff was a great player than Pele ...

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yes eminem is the best rapper alive lil Wayne good but eminem gooder 2Pac's the Greatest of all Time

What is the best key of diatonic harmonica to harmonize with a DGBE tuned baritone ukulele?

I took this to a specialty board for stringed instruments and this is what was posted in response on the Baritone Ukulele thread: Unfortunately, there exists no such animal. Each "Key" for a harmonica of any nature is relative to the key played by the instrument being accompanied, NOT THE TUNING (MORE)

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Everyone's got different opinions on this one, but as for me, I'd say they're Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Mac Miller.

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well my opinion is eminem because i like him hes lifestory is not made up like some rappers do so go to youtube and listen to some of his songs

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There isn't a best rapper alive. Everyone that raps right now is'nt good enough to have that title. The best rapper that had ever lived is Tupac Shakur and he will always be. No one will ever be as good as him.