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Who is the girl in Justin Bieber video one time?

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The girl in One Time video was Kristen Rodeheaver.
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Who is that girl in one time music video by Justin Bieber?

"I remember Reading it on a website that the girl on onetime is Justin's step sister or a part of his family :)" Actually she's not. The girl in the video is Kristen Rodehea

Did Justin Bieber choose the girl on One Less Lonely Girl?

Alisia Conners was casted by the casting director in a contest to win the part. The winner was said to be Justin's biggest fan. ( By Lexi) Yes, he did get to choose her. I w

How does Justin Bieber choose the girls in his videos?

The girls in Justin Bieber's music videos are all from his school and his close girl friends. It was said in an interview that he doesn't feel comfortable shooting videos with

Justin Bieber music videos?

Try Youtube. They are bound to have music videos from almost every artist!

How can you send Justin Bieber a video?

Well, you can make a video and put it on YouTube. You can share the video with his channel 'Kidrauhl' or you could send him and his team the link on twitter.

Why does Justin Bieber love girls?

Because contrary to many beliefs...Justin Bieber is a Heterosexual man, thus he likes girls.

Who is the girl in Justin Bieber video?

There are a lot of girl's in Justin bieber's video's,But how he chose's which girl he want's in his video's is some modeling agentsie send's picture's to Justin's manager and

How old is Justin Bieber that sings one time?

Justin is 15 and he will not like either of you girls because he loves me!!! ^^Yeahh, RIGHTT, I Bet He Dont Even Fcking Know Yu . yeh ladd any ways answer da question