Who is the girl in Taio Cruz' new video 'Break Your Heart'?

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It is Nadya Nepomnyashaya who is a London based model.
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How can you break a girls heart?

Well lets see you can do it the evil way or the nice way Nice way- go up to her and say its over Mean way- Text her and say its over because your are spoiled rotten

Why do girls break guys hearts?

its not that girls TRY to beak your heart. Sometimes they mean to be nice in their own way that guys dont really understand too well. Girls, have a very unique brains, & its very confusing to be a girl! But guys just immediatly just throw it up in their faces! Meanie's!

Why do boys break girls' hearts?

Sometimes boys don't know how to handle a situation, and do something that will break a girl's heart. . Sometimes, they are spiteful or angry enough to do it, whether deliberately or just in a rage. . Sometimes, they will not even know they have done it, because they didn't know how you felt, or h (MORE)

How do you get a girl to be interested in you after breaking her heart?

I would try to regain her trust my friend but talking usually is a good way to do this.. But this really depends because I don't know exactly how you broke her heart but try to talk it out and see where it gets you.. But if you can't let it be, move on and don't dwell on it since you were close on (MORE)

Why isn't she's like a star by Taio Cruz on Itunes?

\ni have no idea! I've looked everywhere on itunes for it! Its by Taio Cruz and that's all i know.\nWrite the answer if you know the answer and how to get it on itunes or how to get it for an ipod. PLEASE n ThAnX! ♥

Why do boys break girls heart?

Sometimes boys don't know how to handle a situation, and do something that will break a girl's heart. . Sometimes, they are spiteful or angry enough to do it, whether deliberately or just in a rage. . Sometimes, they will not even know they have done it, because they didn't know how you felt, or h (MORE)

Who is Taio Cruz?

Taio Cruz (April 23, 1983 - present) is an English R&B singer, rapper, and Grime artist from Sussex, England.

How tall is Taio Cruz?

in "break your heart" he looks the same height as 5'8" flat Ludacris, so only 5'8". little man.

How much money does taio cruz earn?

Taio Cruz is a British singer, record producer, and songwriter. Hehas been active in the music industry since 2002, and his net worthis estimated to be somewhere between $8 million and $12 million.

What is the lyrics of 'Break Your Heart' by Taio Cruz?

Woah Woah Now listen to me baby Before I love and leave yah (Oh oh oh oh) They call me heart-breaker I don't wanna decive yaaah (Oh oh oh oh) If you fall for me I'm not easy to please I might tear you apart Told yah from the start Baby from the start I'm only gonna break b (MORE)

Where is taio cruz video location break your heart?

It's down the road from where I live. It's in Spain in a place called Sotogrande on Costa del Sol InSotogrande Port It's very near to the British colony Gibraltar. You can see therock of Gibraltar In the background when they are on the boat.

Is taio cruz a pop star?

I'm not sure but I recall him being hip hop. Maybe I recalled wrong, good luck finding a good answer.

Do girls enjoy breaking guys hearts?

That's not an generalization you can make about all girls. Certain girls do because it makes them feel better about themself if they have serious insecurities or no proper way to deal with emotions. Also consider intent, if a girl has no interest in being in a relationship with you any longer, likes (MORE)

A good fact about the young Taio Cruz?

Well, in his song Break Your Heart, he was explaining to the person who was "falling for him" that they shouldn't because he will only break their heart so he is actually being nice! He is warning them so that's how he is being nice.

Is Taio cruz Hispanic?

He Was Born To A Nigerian Father && Brazilian Mother Who Was Portuguese , Spanish , Dutch , Swiss , French , African , && Amerindian.

Is Taio Cruz a Christian?

If you'r'e talking about Dynamite... he doesnt say the f word in it. he says foe! (slang 4 "for" if u didnt know

Does dynamite by taio cruz have swearing in it?

No, the original mix is totally clean but I'm not sure about any of the other versions. Most versions use the fudge (f***) version........... :( And so far I have found no way to get the clean version, unless you ask your school DJ, he/she will more than likely not play a bad worded song, just take (MORE)

How many albums has Taio Cruz released?

Three ( 3 ) is the total number of albums released as of the end of 2010 by Taio Cruz (b. April 23, 1983), British R&B and electropop singer/songwriter and music producer. His debut album in 2008 was "Departure." That first album was followed by "Rokstarr" in 2009 and the compilation album "The Rok (MORE)

What songs are on the album Rokstarr by Taio Cruz?

The track listings differ, depending on which version of the album you buy... U.K. and Ireland Edition . Break Your Heart . Dirty Picture (feat. Kesha) . No Other One . Forever Love . Take Me Back (feat. Tinchy Stryder) . Best Girl . I'll Never Love Again . Only You . Falling In Lov (MORE)

What are some funny lyrics for dynamite by taio Cruz?

These were contributed by user Sevenmoonlight: I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes, sayin' ayo, where's the mayo?! I throw my Skittles in the air sometimes sayin' ayo, taste the rainbow! I throw my Spanish in the air sometimes sayin' ayo, ¡No comprendo! I throw my homework in the air someti (MORE)

Who does Taio Cruz have a crush on?

R&B artist Taio Cruz is not currently dating anyone publicly. He said in a 2009 interview with The Sunday Times that he is a one-woman man and that he does not try to date more than one woman at a time. In 2011, he announced that he would go on tour with R&B artist Ciara beginning in July.

How do you comfort a girl after breaking her heart?

Many people have asked this question but haven't been gutsy enough to answer it. Well here I am giving you all the answer to this question. How to comfort a girl whose heart you have broken: Talk to her, cuddle up, and most importantly, do don't do what you did EVR AGAIN .

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Taio Cruz?

Your question cannot be answered with the information currently available. "More Famous" is too idiomatic to provide an adequate answer without poll data from various areas & age groups, perhaps even from different socio economic groups. Without any data of this sort there is no way to really (MORE)

What type of music does Taio Cruz sing?

Taio Cruze is an award winning British Rapper. His song 'Dynamite' has won multiple awards, including Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year. He recorded and performed the song "Telling the World" for the animated movie Rio.