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Who is the highest ranking officer out of a petty officer second class and a master chief petty officer?

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The Master Chief is senior to a PO2, or to any other "enlisted" rating.

In theory, all petty officers - even Master Chiefs - are junior to commissioned officers. In practice, a Master Chief is senior to an Ensign or a Lieutenant Junior Grade. And as a full Lieutenant in the USN, I didn't give "orders" to a Master Chief; I persuaded him that this was what he wanted to do.

And in general, NOBODY gives orders to a Master Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy. For the most part, he can see what needs to be done, and the good ones have already done it. A Lieutenant Commander can give "priorities" to the Master Chief; which jobs need to be done FIRST.
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Who was the Navy's First Master Chief Petty Officer?

Actually there were 146 "first" Master Chief Petty Officers. They  were all promoted the same day, November 16, 1958. Listings of the  names are available in clippings from

How can you get to the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer in the Navy?

you need to join up in the enlisted ranks, study for advancement exams and keep your record clean. take jobs nobody else wants in locations that are not very popular, this wil

Can second class petty officer and chief petty officer date?

Absolutely, as long as they're not within the same chain of command (i.e., the Chief isn't above the 2nd class in charge of her/him in the same command). Many Chiefs are in
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How much does a navy master chief petty officer make?

At 10 years service, $4948 per month. Pay increases with time in service up to $7688 / month at 38 years service. There are other pay elements that are based on housing, ratio