Who is the mayor of Islamabad Pakistan?

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No one, there is no municipal government functional in capital of Pakistan
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What is Pakistan?

Pakistan is a terrorist Muslim state of the 21st century. The country of over 16 million devoted people, always ready tosacrifice their lives for this lovely homeland and still proving todo so at this very moment. despite the turmoil and chaos throughout the years since it got independence, the coun (MORE)

What is a mayor?

A mayor is a person who runs a city and will veto or agree with City Council. If you are still not sure go to your cities website or city hall.

Where is islamabad?

It's in Pakistan . Islamabad in Pakistan. It is actually at the potohar plateu .

What is the absolute location of Islamabad Pakistan?

Answers vary depending on what you consider to be "absolute" (i.e., the exact center of the city? a particular edge of the city? a specific home or business address? a government installation or site? etc.) . Given that, according to the Wikipedia.org website, Islamabad, Pakistan, is located at (MORE)

What do mayors do?

They run a city. They help the city in make sure that the city in safe and clean. the mayor also builds parks and liberties and even more the mayor has to be responsible and muture.

What do a mayor do?

A Mayor is the highest ranking offical in a city government. they preside over the city council at meetings. a mayor is also a policy maker for a city. they dictate what happens

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What can a mayor do?

a mayors duty:Carrying out and enforcing the programs andpolicies established by the Council. . Enforcing the regulations, policies, and procedures of theCounty. . Faithfully executing the laws and ordinances of theCounty. . Assigning employees and work in the executive branch. . Appointing peop (MORE)

What is the telephone area code for Islamabad Pakistan?

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are in Pakistani area code 051, which is +92 51 in international format. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common pref (MORE)

What does a mayor do?

A Mayor is the highest ranking offical in a city government. they preside over the city council at meetings. a mayor is also a policy maker for a city. they dictate what happens

What province of islamabad?

I think Islamabad is not within any province because its a federal territory ! If you want you can consider it in Punjab province. =]

Are there mermaids in islamabad?

No. Except for one big lake, Islamabad doesn't even have large water bodies like rivers where mermaids might exist (at least as in fairy tales).

Who designed islamabad?

Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis (1913 - 28 June 1975), who was a Greek architect and town planner.

Why was the capital of Pakistan shifted from Karachi to islamabad?

Pakistan's military dictator Ayub Khan decided to shift the capital city from Karachi to Islamabad in late 1950 as Karachi had become economic hub of the country and the infrastructure of the city was proving inadequate for the growing needs of the city. Before 1947 Karachi's population was barely o (MORE)

What is the landforms of islamabad?

Pakistani capital Islamabad covers an area of 1,165.5 km² (450 mi²)of which 906 km² (349.8 mi²) is Islamabad proper. Located withinthe Islamabad Capital Territory, the population of the city hasgrown from 100,000 in 1951 to 1.15 million as of 2011. it isLocated in thePlateau of Potahar i (MORE)

What is Islamabad famous for?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, it is famous for it's greenery, cleanliness, and management. Islamabad is the most beautiful city of Pakistan.

Islamabad is in Punjab?

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, which is not the part of any provinceof Pakistan. http://www.dlx.com.pk

What is the location of Islamabad?

Islamabad is located in the Potohar Plateau in the north of the country, within the Islamabad Capital Territory. The region has historically been a part of the crossroads of Punjab and the North-West Frontier Province, Margalla pass being a gateway to the North-West Frontier Province. The geographic (MORE)

When Islamabad made the capital of Pakistan?

Islamabad was chosen as the site for capital to replace Karachi in 1960 and the settlements began from that year onward. Rawalpindi was then made a temporary capital until the construction of Islamabad was completed. In 1966 Islamabad was completely built as a city. On 14th August 1947, Islamabad w (MORE)

Is Islamabad the Hamas?

No. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Hamas is a Terrorist/Paramilitary organization which governs the Gaza Strip of Palestine.

When did it decide to make Islamabad the capital pf Pakistan?

Islamabad was officially declared as the capital of Pakistan on 14th August 1967. Though it was chosen as a site for capital to replace Karachi in 1960s and the settlements began from then onward. Rawalpind remained as a temporary capital until the construction of Islamabad was completed in 1966.

Who does a mayor answer to?

The mayor doesn't have a direct superior per se, though de facto they answer to the governor and the state legislature.

What province is Islamabad in?

Islamabad itself is a soverign territory. There is no provincial system in Pakistan. provinces are old matters. Now is- federal adminiostrative unit. Islamabad itself is an unit. It is self administered as CAPITAL unit

What are the landmarks of islamabad?

General: National Monument Islamabad Pak-China Friendship Centre Rawal Lake Shakarparian Lok Virsa Museum Margalla Hills Daman-e-Koh Pir Sohawa Islamabad Zoo National Herbarium Islamabad Murree Hills Shahdara Centauras Parks: Fatima Jinnah Park Lake View Park Rose & Jasmine Garden Ankara Park Pl (MORE)

What languages are spoken Islamabad Pakistan?

Urdu, as National and Official working language in Pakistan. ManyIslamabad inhabitants are from Rawalpindi and Pashtun areas, theytalk Pashtu. Punjabi is also spoken there. In Islamabad,the local language is Hindku. Since it is the capital city ofPakistan, most of people are settlers here and Urdu (MORE)

What is the area of Islamabad?

The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad. It is located in the eastern half of the nation. The nearest foreign border to the east is that with India.

Where is chakla in islamabad?

Chakla infact is not in Islamabad. Its in Rawalpindi. Rwalpindi andIslamabad are neighboring big cities. Chakla is holiday resort withpicturesue view of Mountains, Green Forest and Rivers, It is about30 miles(49 km) east to Islamabad

Why was the first motorway of Pakistan built between Lahore and Islamabad?

Grand Trunk road consructed by Sher Shah. - Islamabad is the federal capital and Lahore is the capital ofPunjab so there is lot of traffic between the two and thus to easethe pressure of traffic on the GT road (grand trunk road. Themotorway was rebuilt after 1947 in many stages. - the GT road is not (MORE)

Why was the city of Islamabad Pakistan built inland?

Ayub Khan- ex president of Pakistan planned and built a new capitalfor Pakistan. Reason-strategic. For more we had to ask Ayub Khan,but he left this world long ago. To draw people inland from crowded coastal areas.

How many hours flying time from Abu Dhabi to Pakistan Islamabad?

The time required for flight between the above places is 3 hrs. Average speed of 500 miles/hour is used to calculate the time. This time is inclusive of the landing and take off times. However, the time required for the baggage and security checking has not been added. The actual time may change dep (MORE)