Who is the most famous icon in Australia?

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It could be;

The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Kangaroo
The Koala Bear
The outback
Sir Donald Bradman (famous cricketer)
Paul Hogan (famous larikin)
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What is the most famous river in Australia?

The most famous river in Australia would be the Murray River. TheMurray River is Australia's longest river, at 2,508 km long (almost1,600 miles). It begins in the Snowy Mounta

Who are the most famous convicts in Australia?

Ned Kelly.. Ned Kelly was not a convict. Francis Greenway was a convict who had been an architect. When released, he returned to architecture, designing many of Sydney's ear

What is the most famous landform in Australia?

Uluru is arguably the most famous landform in Australia. Uluru is amonolith, or inselberg, in central Australia. For over a century,it was known by the European name of Ayers