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Who is the musical group The Green Police?

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The Green Police are a four piece garage/punk rock band from Claremore and Verdigris, Oklahoma. The Green Police are composed of Duss Rosencutter on vocals/guitar, Drew "the Screw" Wilson on guitar, Chris Pixley on bass and Evan Campbell on drums. The Green Police's influences include The Buzzcocks, X and 60s- style garage & surf music. The Green Police also are big fans of Johnny Cash and The Green River Killers. Their songs are often fast-paced, with distorted yet melodic guitars, complex bass riffs and harsh but fun vocals.

They also have a myspace page where you can sample some of their songs.

The Green Police Line up is:

Duss "don't call me the leader" Rosencutter on vocals/guitar
Drew "the screw" Willson on guitar
Chris "slaep" Pixley on bass guitar
Evan "head of the house" Campbell on skins
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