Who is the older woman in the May 2010 CVS commercials kissing the coupon machine?

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I don't know for sure but it sure looks and sound like Carol Channing. Does anyone have a different opinion. It may be Rebecca Schull from the sitcom WINGS.
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Who is the woman in the current August 2009 CVS Pharmacy commercial with very short gray hair talking about pharmacy reminders re refills on medications?

She looks like the 80s actress that played in the Buck Rogers TV series. That was Erin Gray and if you check out current photos ... this isn't her. (Ms. Gray still has long, dark hair ...) I think the CVS lady has done mostly modeling/ads ... I even contacted CVS and never got a response. No h (MORE)

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Who is older actor in McDonald's commercial?

Gregory White! (he is in the IMDB) I wondered too and I sent an email to McDonald's and received this reply. "The actor in the Chicken McNuggets commercial is named Gregory, and he does commercials in the Los Angeles area."

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Where can one find information about CVS free coupons?

Many such sites exist that will offer free coupons. Groupon is the most well-known site; however, CVS has been known to offer coupons at no charge on their own site, as well as place offerings in local paper advertisements.

Where can one find a CVS coupon?

If you are looking for a CVS coupons, you can find them many places. Go to the CVS website, you can also try Groupon's website or the website called Coupons.

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Grocery coupons can be found in a variety of places. Once only the staple of a weekly newspaper, now one might find coupons straight out of the circulars provided in the grocery store itself. Also, online coupons have flourished as a new form of money saving tool.

Where may some obtain coupons for restaurants?

There are many places where someone can obtain coupons for restaurants. A person could find coupons for certain restaurants in the newspaper. Also, the many restaurants have coupons on their website.

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Commercial carpet cleaning machines are similar to home machines, just on a larger scale. They need to have larger water and cleaning solution reservoirs in order to clean larger surfaces without having to stop often to empty and refill the machine.

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Some of the more popular brands of commercial sewing machines include Brother, Kenmore, Consew, Juki, Mauser and Tacsew. Commercial machines differ from others becuase they can handle different types of materials.

What coupons does cvs take?

CVS Pharmacy coupons and Third Party Manufacturer pharmacy coupons are accepted in CVS stores. However, CVS will not accept Third Party Manufacturer coupons with another retailer's logo. CVS will also accept coupons printed from the internet but will not accept barcode coupons on mobile devices.