Who is the older woman in the May 2010 CVS commercials kissing the coupon machine?

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I don't know for sure but it sure looks and sound like Carol Channing. Does anyone have a different opinion. It may be Rebecca Schull from the sitcom WINGS.
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Where can one find a CVS coupon?

If you are looking for a CVS coupons, you can find them many places. Go to the CVS website, you can also try Groupon's website or the website called Coupons.
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What coupons does cvs take?

CVS Pharmacy coupons and Third Party Manufacturer pharmacy coupons are accepted in CVS stores. However, CVS will not accept Third Party Manufacturer coupons with another retai
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Why may a woman need a cvs test?

A woman may want a CVS test if she is pregnant if she suspects Downsyndrome, or wants to know if her baby will be normal.