Who is the voice of Hulk on the Incredible Hulk 1977 TV series?

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Ted Cassidy and Charles Napier provided the growls.
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Who played the Incredible Hulk in the TV series?

Lou Ferrigno played the Hulk Bill Bixby played David Banner Answer: "The Hulk Revealed!" Question: "Who played the Incredible Hulk in the TV series?" Answer: Lou Ferrigno. Bill Bixby played the ever wandering scientist always trying to avoid an obsessive reporter who relentlessly tracks the goo (MORE)

Who played The Incredible Hulk?

Edward Norton playes The Incredible Hulk Louis Ferrigno did the voice of the Hulk and played as the University Security Guard who gets a free medium cheese pizza

What are the incredible hulks enemies?

In the 2008 movie it was the abomination. In the 2003 movie it was general Ross/military. In the computer game The Hulk its madman halflife the leader the leaders army gamma dogs and ravage. In the incredible hulk ultimate destruction its blonsky his wife general Ross and the abomination HO (MORE)

Who was the first incredible hulk?

If you are refering to the comic book, Dr. Bruce Banner became the Hulk after being exposed to gamma radiation during a nuclear bomb test. If you are refering to other media, Lou Ferigno (a deaf, professional body builder) played the role of Hulk while Bill Bixby played the role of Dr. Banner.

The incredible hulk game cheats?

I have a cheats book with lots of cheats in it and Incredible Hulk has only one cheat: where to find all the skins - so you have to earn stuff until the end.

Can wolverine beat the incredible hulk?

If you want verifiable fact, you should act Wolverine himself. Otherwise, all you'll get are opinions. Good luck with that. i say wolverine because he can heal himself ---------------------------------------------------------------- Well for that matter the hulk and heal himself by building mus (MORE)

Was Thor really in the incredible hulk?

Yes he was. In 1988, Eric Allan Kramer played on the made for tv movie The Incredible Hulk Returns. IDK if you were talking about the movie or the cartoon or the comics, so I just put the one up for the movie.

Who is stronger Goku or the incredible hulk?

Why would you ask that question the better question would be every single superhero ever made against goku because goku would destroy the hulk so easily with one punh because ine punh from regular goku can destroy the planet on punch from super sayain 2 can destroy the galaxy and one punch from supe (MORE)

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger offered the role of The Incredible Hulk on TV?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was casted as the Incredible Hulk TV show's character "The (green) Hulk." However, TV viewers must note that Schwarzenegger had heavy make-up on the filming set (stage). So, he was disguised as something "ugly" for that TV show. That's why he looked different than the usual S (MORE)

Is the incredible hulk immortal?

The Incredible Hulk is not immortal and theoretically could be killed. However, any such death would likely be a "comic book death" -- meaning that he's too valuable a franchise to let die, so the writers would think up a storyline to bring him back to life.

How do you heal in the incredible hulk for PS3?

1st you have to have at least 4 rage cells press down on the D pad then hold 0,and triangle hope this helps you out :) o and PS you can unlock the scientist or what ev that guys name is by completing all the jump challenges its really hard thoe because they don't show up on your map so i stuck (MORE)

Why do the cops want the Incredible Hulk on the old TV show?

Because reporter Jack McGee had accidentally set a fire to the labkilling Dr. Banner's lady assistant and it looking like he waskilled in the explosion as well. Since the Hulk had been seencarrying the lady assistant away by McGee, he made up a story tothe FBI that he saw a giant green creature when (MORE)

How fast can the incredible hulk run?

Hulk can't run. His legs are too strong, he destroys the ground. But if you put him on unbreakable surface his speed would be limitless because he gets stronger the madder he gets. On regular ground Hulk runs 300 mph.

Can incredible hulk fly?

Hulk as cool at it will be cannot fly but he can jump 1000 miles if he had the time he did jump 1000 miles trying to reach the stars before Hulk was able to fly once before being hit with to much cosmic energy but ever since then this unknown power of his has not come back

What time is the incredable hulk on?

It largely varies from theater to theater. It is worth noting that The Incredible Hulk premiered quite a long time ago, and it is doubtful to be showing in any regular cinemas.

How did The Incredible Hulk TV series end?

The series ended with the episode A Minor Problem . From the description, it apparently wasn't a proper series finale although the fate of Banner was left in question until 1988 when The Incredible Hulk continued as a trio of TV movies.. The plot outline for A Minor Problem is... David 'Brad (MORE)

What Hulk film is after the Incredible Hulk?

A possible sequel to The Incredible Hulk would not come out until after Avengers 2 is released and that "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" could be used as possible story lines. Sources: Wikipedia

Why was the Incredible Hulk TV show discontinued after season five?

According to executive producer Kenneth Johnson, the head of CBS programming, felt that the series had run its course and didn't even want a season five. However they already had enough episodes already filmed for another partial season. Bill Bixby talked to other networks about picking up the show, (MORE)

Is there any plans of a She Hulk movie or TV series?

There are rumors that in the Hulk 2 sequel being made that She Hulkwill appear in that movie. While Mark Ruffalo will still be theHulk Jennifer Walters is rumored to be She Hulk. Right now theseare just rumors though with no official confirmation.