Who is the voice of grandpa on the Geico Waltons commercial?

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Grandpa Walton (Will Geer)
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Who are the cavemen in the Geico commercial?

Geico Cavemen . The Geico cavemen are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber, John Lehr, and Ben Wilson.

Who is the announcer guy on the Geico commercial?

His name is Don LaFontaine, a legendary voice over actor. He is best know for doing movie trailers. actually, it all depends on when this question was/is asked. Don LaFontaine did do a few Geico commercials, but he passed away in 2008. At some point there was D.C. Douglas who was fired for making comments about the Tea Party. The newer ones are done by Mike McGlone. Toward the end of 2009, GEICO introduced another advertising campaign in which actor Mike McGlone walks into an empty room and queries the viewer, "Could switching to GEICO really save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?". After this, he pauses and then asks a rhetorical and/or obvious question which is immediately followed by a scene cut to the subject at hand.

Who does the voice of the Geico on the Geico commerical belong to?

Gecko Voice for Geico . The recent voice for the gecko is done by Jake Wood. Now for the record, the Geico Gecko has been voiced by Kelsey Grammar (the stiff English accent), Richard Steven Horvitz (the voice in the Kung Fu Fighting spot), and Dave Kelly (the relaxed British-Aussie accent).

What version of remind me is in the Geico commercial?

Answer Something to Remind Me (answer) . It's the (radio edit)version by the group Royskoop. You'll find it in the "Electronic/Dance" section

What is the name of the Gecko in the Geico commercial?

The Gecko from the Geico commercial is named Martin after The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA. While often mistaken for Australian, the GEICO gecko's accent is British. More precisely, southeast English, around London. See the link below for more of a biography. His name is clearly not Stanley as stated in a 2010 commercial in which he says, "My name is not Stanley . . . I'd hate to be Stanley."

Who are the actresses in geico motorcycle commercial?

The blonde is Melissa Ordway... she's an actress that has been on Entourage, Privileged and a bunch of other commercials.

What are the Geico commercial songs?

The commercial with the cavemen on motorcycles looking past the girls at a billboard is called "Hurt You" and it is sung by The Sounds.

Who is the actor in the recent Geico commercials?

I believe it is Richard Roat. Worked with Richard a long time ago on some other commercials, and he is a fine, talented actor. A nice man, too!

Who is the actor in the Geico commercials?

The 'terrible spokesman' was the ubiquitous Jerry Lambert , who did the same sort of character in commercials for GEICO, Holiday Inn, and now for PlayStation as "Kevin Butler." The GEICO CEO with the gecko is Brian Carney , son of actor Art Carney. The 'intense' radio and TV actor doing "can GEICO really save you 15%" is Michael McGlone . The 'nature commercial' star was Leszek Burzynski .

Who is the nature guy in the geico commercials?

The David Attenborough-type nature guy in the Geico ads is an actor by the interesting name of Leszek Burzyncki. Sure hope its not a stage name!

Where can you get the new geico commercial song?

If you are trying to find out the name of the song that plays at the appearance of that silly prop (a stack of money with the eyeballs on it), then the answer is that it sounds like a remake of "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell circa 1983 or 1984. I'm sure somebody's selling the original version in mp3 form on the net by now, though not sure about the remake played in the commercials.

What is the salary of the voice of the Geico gecko?

The voice of the Geico gecko is made by Jake Wood. It is not knownhow much he makes doing the voice. He is also an actor who is bestknown for playing Max Branning in EastEnders.

Who does the voice of the pot hole in the geico commercial?

sounds to me like it could be Elizabeth Cook.... recording artistand sirius dj. i don't know for sure. nope the voice of the pot hole is Belinda Skelton,is is producer for the neal boortz show.

Who is the voice on the GEICO pothole commercial?

Geico's Facebook page officially states that the pothole "is a voiceover actress from New York hired for the commercial." According to IMDB, the voice of the pothole in the Geico commercial is Dayci Brookshire (click on the link below for more info from IMDB). Other Opinions from WikiAnswers Contributors: . I think she sounds like Britney Spears. . I don't think so. It sounds like a comedian named Chonda Pierce. Listen to her on YouTube. I think it sounds like Chonda Pierce too. She is on a Gaither video. . I think it sounds like Kelli Pickler from American Idol . I think it's Jaime Pressly from my name is earl . I think it's Emily Procter, aka Calleigh Duquesne (CSI Miami) . I believe the speaker is Elizabeth Cook, weekday morning DJ on Sirius-Xm Outlaw Country (XM channel 12). . I believe it is Kristin Chenoweth (WICKED). . Anjelah Johnson . It's the same voice and southern accent that Reese Witherspoon used in the Matthew Bright 1996 film Freeway . So it's Reese or a copy cat... . Sounds to me like Reese Witherspoon . It sounds like "Mel" from Flight of the Conchords . It's Annie Potts . sounds like Annie potts . Kellie Pickler or Emily Procter. Still can't decide, but it sounds more like Pickler! . I believe that it sounds like Kelly Pickler from Americian Idol. If not her then second thought was that of Spears. . I believe it is Stephnie Weir, formerly of MadTV . I recognized the voice and the impetuous nature of the pothole but couldn't remember the name of the actress. It has to be Stephanie Weir from MadTV or a very good impostor. Search for the MadTV '33% of 8th graders have had sex' vid on YouTube. . Stephanie Weir from Mad TV . It is not Kristen Chenoweth, she doesn't have that annoying southern accent and her voice isn't quite that pitch. I think it may be Emily Procter, also a West Wing cast member. . It's Amy Sedaris. Check her out as the voice of the Rooster on the audio version of brother David's Barrel Fever. I listen to it often and I KNOW that voice. . It could be Carolyn Lawrence (the voice of Sandy The Texas Squirrel on Spongebob Squarepants) . Who ever she is also the voice from the identity theft credit card commercial. You know the one with the burly man with the female voice talking about the corset and that it was expensive but I am not paying for it sooooo . No, first off the accent is fake via the actress..second I think it sounds like Amy Pohler from SNL . While I am not positive, I think the voice is that of Elizabeth Cook, Country Singer/Radio Personality on XM Radio "Outlaw Country". Sure wish I could confirm this. . I think the voice is Kelly Pickler or the blond girl on CSI Miami . Dayci Brookshire (NY indie actress...her full resume is on IMDB).

Is Stephanie weir voice of geico pothole commercial?

No she's not. It's an actress out of NY who I know from college. IMDB credits Dayci Brookshire for the role.

What are the words to the geico pothole commercial?

Oh no,your tire's all flat and junk. Oh did i do that? Here. let me get my cellular out...call you a wrecker...Oh shoot, I got no phone..`Cause I'm a pothole...Soooo.....Kay bye! Ya'll need to learn hick talk. lol

Who is the voice on geico pothole?

Dayci Brookshire (you can see her full resume on IMDB). She's an indie actress from NY that does great accents.

Whose voice is the pothole on the Geico ad?

Dayci Brookshire (indie actress from NY who does great accents). Her full resume is on IMDB.

Is the Geico on the Geico commercial is it English or is it Australian?

It does not have either of those accents. In one of the latest commercials he says he isn't British or Australian. I was searching and i found out he has a New Zealand accent.

Where is the gecko from in the geico commercials?

I would have thought that the Gecko is actually from New Zealand since he inadvertantly rules out Australia and England in the one commercial. It's my understanding that Geckos are from Australia and New Zealand, which makes me wonder why they have "Him" speaking with a southern Brit accent..

Does actress Annie potts do the voice over in the Geico commercial?

I do not believe that is her voice. I believe it is the voice of voice actor DC Douglas.

Who is the boss character in geico commercials?

The name of the man who plays the Boss in the Geico commercials is Brian Carney, son of the late, great Art Carney. Brian has been doing on screen and voice overs for TV & radio commercials for years.

Who is the boss in the geico commercials?

It's a guy named Brian Carney. You may remember his dad Art as "Ed Norton" on the Honeymooners.

What is the song in the Geico Powerboat Commercial?

The song in the Geico powerboat commercial is "Bread & Water"by Ryan Bingham, He is an Americana singer-songwriter fromCalifornia.

Is Will Geer who played Grandpa on the Waltons Gay?

He had married, but divorced and fathered 3 children. His ex-wife,actress Herta Ware, who performance as the wife of Jack Gilford inthe film Cocoon (1985). Although they eventually divorced,they remained close throughout the rest of their lives. Geer andWare had three children, Kate Geer, Thad Geer and actress EllenGeer. Ware also had a daughter, actress Melora Marshall, from aprevious marriage. Born March 9, 1902, William Aughe (Ghere) Geer,Died April 22, 1978. Finally, my answer is yes, Geer was the lover of gay activist HarryHay. In 1934, Hay met Geer at the Tony Pastor Theatre, where Geerworked as an actor. They became lovers, and Hay credited as hispolitical mentor. Hay and Geer participated in a milk strike in LosAngeles, where Hay was first exposed to radical gay activism in theperson of "Clarabelle", a drag queen who held court in the BunkerHill neighborhood, who hid Hay from police. Later that year, Hayand Geer performed in support of the San Francisco General Strike.

Is Pierce Bronson in a Geico commercial?

No. The gentleman looks very much like him, but if you notice, he keeps his head turned slightly to the side so you really cannot tell who it is. Can anyone tell us his name?

Is it pierce brosnan in the Geico commercial?

No, it is actually actor Mike McGlone. He happens to look a lot like Pierce Brosnan though...

Who is Mike McGlone impersonating in the Geico commercials?

One could argue that his voice and cadence is Robert Stack and his mannerism is that of Rod Serling.

Did Paul Scally do the voice of the Geico gecko?

Yes he has done the Geico Gecko commercials . We met Paul Scally on our NCL cruise to Alaska in June 2008. He was so funny as our cruise director and he assured the audience that he has in fact been the voice of the gecko although he was not the only person to portray the voice over.

Are cavemen discriminated against in the Geico commercials?

Yes. By saying "So easy a caveman could do it," you're saying that cavemen are discriminated.

What year did grandpa Walton die off the show Waltons?

Will Geer Played Grandpa Walton in The Walton's. He died in real life during a season 6 and 7. That is why they didn't make an episode about that.

Who is the actor in the latest Geico commercials about storms?

Dean Winters More at IMDbPro » . ad feedback. Date of Birth20 July 1964, New York City, New York, USA Birth Name Dean Gerard Winters Height 6' 1½" (1.87 m) Mini Biography Dean Winters is best known for his role as "Ryan O'Reily" on HBO's award-winning series"Oz" (1997). Most recently, he recurred as Tina Fey's "Beeper King" boyfriend on the Emmy-winning comedy, "30 Rock" (2006). His noteworthy comedic performance was recently included in Entertainment Weekly's "Must List" as well as Variety's short-list of Emmy-worthy guest performances. In addition to being featured in the film P.S. I Love You (2007) with Hilary Swank, Winters was a series regular on FX's critically-acclaimed"Rescue Me" (2004), in which he played Denis Leary's cop brother. He recurs as Lena Headey's former love interest on the Fox series,"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (2008)..

What are the words to the Geico marine sergeant commercial?

you know what makes me sad? you do, maybe we need to jog down to mamby pamby land and get you some self confidence you jack waggon

What are the words to the Geico pig commercial?

Max where here. Thanks mrs.j Quotes: Wee!!!!! Wee-wee-wee-wee wwwwwweeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! wee!!!!!!! Max... Wee!!!!!!! MAXWELL!!!! Huh? We're here! Oh.... Thanks Mrs.A!

Who is actor in Geico pig commercial?

Mike McGlone. David Spade is not in the little piggy (maxwell) cried wee wee wee all the way home Geico ad--it's definitely Mike McGlone (from "She's the One" the movie with Jennifer Anniston). I'm not sure what that other person is talking about.

What is the pigs name in Geico commercial?

The pigs name on the Geico commericals is Maxwell. Maxwell is a pig that catchpharse is "wheeeeeewhewhewheeeeeee". The has a high pitch voice when he is saying his catchphares, but he actual has a very deep voice.

Who is the actor on the Geico commercial?

Someone else on another posting in answers.com said it is Ryan Gaul. If I didn't know any better, though, I'd swear it was Daniel Tosh. They could pass as brothers! :)

Whose voice does the actor portray in the Geico Woodchuck commercials?

Mike Mc Glone acted with Jennifer Aniston in "She's the One" also in "The Bone Collector, with Denzel Washington

What is the geckos name in the Geico commercials?

The Gecko from the Geico commercial is named Martin after The Martin Company. His name is clearly not Stanley as stated in a 2010 commercial in which he says, "My name is not Stanley . . . I'd hate to be Stanley."

What does two and a bush mean in the Geico commercial?

It means, something you already have is twice as valuable to you as something you might be able to get.. In other words, don't abandon something valuable you already have in the risky hopes of getting something better. .

What are the words to the Geico commercial with the counselor?

the theripist one? ok. you know what makes me sad? .... YOU DO MABEY WE SHOULD CHUG ON DOWN TO MAMBY PAMBY LAND WHERE MABEY WE CAN FIND SELFCONFIDINTS FOR YOU YOU JACK WAGON! ....... tissue?..... crybaby.

Who is the actress in the Geico mistaken identity commercial?

tara buck from true blood.. the squeaky idiotic bartender at fangtasia.. was trying to figure out where ive seen her haha

Who are the actors in the Geico tango commercial?

I swear it looks like Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0, somebody find out and plz let me know!!! The actor in between the dancing couple is Ryan Gaul The actor in many many Geico commercials - the guy asking all the rhetorical questions is actually Michael McGlone - My parents thought it was Pierce Brosnan and I had to figure it out to prove them wrong.

Who does the voice of the gecko on the Geico Insurance commercials?

Apparently there have been several people's voices used for the gecko in the Geico Insurance commercials. Dave Kelly and Jake Wood have both been featured in several commercials.

Where was the Geico Texas commercial filmed?

It was filmed in a Hollywood Studio staged to look like Billy Bob'sTexas in Fort Worth.

What does pig say in Geico commercial?

The pig says "heads up"... on the new commercial where there racing down the road...

What are the lyrics to the geico karaoke commercial?

Check me out Everybody says I have a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot 10… My sign is Sagittarius - I'm into Spanish Cheese My hair line is receding but I'm getting a weave. [ getting a weave] Who wants some Ronald tonight!?

Where is the diner in the Geico motorcycle commercial?

I don't know where it is located but it is the same diner that NCIS director Jenny Shepard had her final gunfight in.

Who is the voice of the gecko in the Geico car commercials?

The voice of the gecko in the Geico car commercials is Jake Wood. Jake Wood was born on July 12th, 1972 (age 40) in London. His spouse is Alison Wood and he has two children named Amber and Justin Wood.

Who does the camels voice in Geico commercial?

Chris Sullivan is the voice of the camel in the Geico commercial Happier than a Camel on Wednesday. Some people find the voice annoying, but most find this commercial their best one yet.