Who is the wife of Marty Sampson?

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Marty Sampson is married to Michelle Sampson. Marty and Michelle have been married since 2006 and have one son together.
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Is Michelle fragar of hillsong the wife of Marty Sampson of hillsong?

yes... they are married.. they have been since 2006... No, they are not. I asked Michelle's sister and Marty married a different Michelle. Yeah, his wife is a south African

Has Marty Sampson left hillsong?

No he has not left Hillsong. He is definitely still involved and attends this church. He recently wrote a song and sang on another on the new Hillsong UNITED album.

Is let love rule of Marty Sampson a gospel album?

It doesn't seem so " be prepared to hear less church, and more creative sounds... " were his own words on his bio, found at: http://www.yourmusiczone.com/go/ymz/music_artist_m

Is Marty Sampson still part of Hillsong United?

It is believed that Marty moved on from Hillsong United, to the main Hillsong band, and Brooke Fraser replaced him as worship leader. Although he continues to lead worship and
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How old is Marty brennamans wife?

Amanda Brennaman turned 40 the same day Marty turned 70. Her birthday is July 28, 1972. They have been together over 5 years but recently got married in June of 2012.