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I guess Hitler would be a safe bet....
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What was The world's worst flu?

There are many deadly influenza viruses, but one of worst ones (currently infecting birds mostly), is the H5N1 avian flu virus. It can be transmitted from birds to humans whic

What is the largest fire in world's history?

The biggest single fire was in Queensland, Australia. started on the 1/11/74 and burned throughout the Thalidomide, Bulloo Shire, Boulia Urandangie, McKinley Shire. it burnt a

What is the world's worst peacetime maritime disaster?

the sinking of the MV Dona Paz, it collided with an oil tanker, and the Dona Paz caught on fire and it sank in 2 hours it happened on December 20,1987 it was the world's worst

Who is the worst goalie in NHL history?

Tim Chevelde, Detroit Red Wings 91-94, and also Attila Ambrus, the worst goalie in the history of professional hockey. Attila Ambrus once gave up 23 goals in a game, and 88 in

What is is the world's worst human virus?

In my opinion, it is Ebola virus. Ebola is highly contagious, and also a level 4 lethal virus classified by the government. It is so dangerous that military biologists must we

Who is the worst player in NBA history?

Austin Mason by far. He cost his team the finals by having 22 turnovers and only played 5 minutes. He has been dunked on more than any other player in NBA history. He has neve

World's Worst Evildoers?

Edmund Kemper is one   Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe seems to want to join the list.....

What is the name of the worst tornado in history?

Tornadoes are not given names as hurricanes are. The worst tornado in history is the one that hit the Daulatpur and Saturia area of Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, killing ove

Where did the worst hurricane in history happen?

The worst tropical cyclone in history was Typhoon Tip in the western pacific basin. It had 870 mb at lowest pressure, 160mph for 10 minute sustained winds (190 mph for one min

Is Obama the worst president in history?

No, there are other presidents who were considered far worse, or who did worse things. President Bush's actions were very controversial, and so were the actions of President N

Who is the worst criminal in U.S. history?

 Either Bundy, Gacy or Dahmer. If the death toll means anything then they are all in the running for the worst crimes. If we are talking about mass murderers then the worst

What was the worst battle of attrition in history?

worst battle is Stalingrad ww2 most important and bloodiest battle ever recorded. if Hitler took that city the world would be under nazi rule. Germany defeat, complete des