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Who is the worst person in the world's history?

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I guess Hitler would be a safe bet....
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Why was World War 2 the worst war in the world's history?

no war is ever good!there are serveral reasons as to why ww2 was the most horrific,from hitlers obssesion of world domination to the Holocaustand the loss of so many brave sol

World's Worst Evildoers?

Edmund Kemper is one. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe seems to want to join the list.....

Where is the World's worst prison?

ADX, Colorado Colorado is bad but what about San Quentin Try again.. check out 'La sabaneta prison, venezuela'

In what year was the world's worst Bushfire?

On 7 February 2009 in Australia, known as the Black Saturday bush fires, almost 200 lives were lost, over 3,000 homes and properties were burned, including over 1.1 million ac

Who is the world's worst basketball player?

There generally is no "worst" basketball player. Every player is good at something, but not everyone is great. Bruce Bowen is a perfect example. Although he rarely scored, the

Was Hitler the world's worst terrorist?

Possibly, for his genocidal activities alone. But JosephStalin , who brought communistic dictatorship and misery toEastern Europe for 45 years, certainly gives him a run for

Who is the world's worst person who ever lived?

That's a difficult question, and it would depend on how youmeasured "worst," and what actions you think are worse than others.There are a lot of mass murderers, serial rapists