Who kills sasori?

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sakura and elder chiyo killed sasori while fightng him. go to youtube and check it out
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Who is Sasori?

Name:Sasori Village:Sunagakure (Sand) Ring:Tama{sphere} Finger position:Left Thumb Current status:deceased Info: Sasori is a member of Akatsuki and his partner is Deidara. He

Who killed sasori Sama?

The one who killed Sasori was Chiyo (using the puppets he made when he was a child. Those puppets looked like his parents).

Who killed sasori?

It was the combination of Sakura and Chiyo (his grandmother)

What can sasori do?

He updated his body with puppet type powers. He can now shoot fire. He kiled some special dude and used him as a puppet which allows him to control the guys powers. Now he can

Why did Sasori kill his parents?

Sasori didn't killed his parents. His parents were killed in a mission. He didn't know about this earlier because Chiyo, his grandmother didn't told him about it. He became an

Why does Sasori let Chiyo kill him?

Sasori may have been evil but ever sense his parents were murdered. Chiyo had to raise him herself she has even showed him how to be a puppet master. Sasori still cared a litt