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Who knows the answer to this problem Bethany buys five dolls. She gives the store clerk 50 and receives 16 in change. Each doll costs the same amount. How much does each doll cost?

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50-16 = 34 and 34/5 = 6.8 which is the cost of each doll
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How much does Kanani the American doll cost?

Kanai costs the same amount of money as the other dolls. (100$) but to get there ears pierced you pay 117$ so also do excpect to pay more then 300$ or something if you are goi

How much do Madame Alexander dolls cost?

The cost of Madame Alexander dolls range greatly depending on when they were made. Any dolls that were made before 1930 are considered antiques and will most likely cost the m

How much does a pullip doll cost?

They can rage up to $250 some $190 and the $75 depending on what character you desire or one that has special features

How much do Chatty Cathy dolls cost?

Prices range from $300 to $900. Cathy dolls are collector's items and they generally sell for more than $300. Chatty Cathy's often sell for $600 to $900.

How much does a chucky doll cost?

From what I have seen they can range from $5.00 USD up to $300.00 USD.

How much does an American girl doll cost?

it costs $99.99 including tax but you can get it for less on eBay but it might be used At the the stores and website- $105 now. The cost of an American Girl doll varies base
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How much does a bratz doll cost?

  it depends   if you buy one with nothing extra it will cost aroung £9   But if you get one with lots of extra stuff it will cost aroun £20 but it is worth it!