Who made the first bomb?

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If you are talking about the first ATOMIC bomb, the the answer is complicated. The first bomb was built in the USA during WWII. At some point in the 1930's it was discovered that nuclear fusion could be used to create huge amounts of energy. Due to the growing possibility that Nazi Germany had access to materials needed for nuclear fusion, the USA government began the Manhattan Project. At that time Britain was under strong air raids so it was impossible to made reactor there so scientist of british went America for taking part in this mission. They also enlisted the help of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, and Albert Einstein to design the bomb. If you're talking aerial bombs, 1911 during the Italian-Arab Wars. If you're talking grenade-like bombs, the Chinese. the first to use the bomb was the Germans which made the Great Britain during the war in line with this, it can be argued the Germans were the first bomb-maker since they were the first to use it especially the rocket.
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When was the first bomb made?

First Bombs \n\nThere are records of the Mongols using bombs against the Japanese as early as 1281 AD. The Chinese are commonly credited with the invention of the first for

Why was the first atomic bomb made?

The first atomic bomb was made to test the theory that a "super weapon" could be built using the principles of nuclear physics. Ideas of the nature of the physics of the atom

When was the first nuclear bomb made?

Answer . The first nuclear bomb was made during 1941~1945, by the USA's Manhattan Project, the top-secret project for developing nuclear weapons. The first nuclear explosio

Who made the first hydrogen bomb?

The first hydrogen bomb was designed by American Richard "Dick" Garwin. Whilst Garwin made the first design, Edward Teller and a team of scientists made the first actual bomb.

When was the first atomic bomb made?

The first nuclear weapon was constructed by the US in the first half of 1945. This weapon, which was set atop a tower (static test) and code-name Trinity, was detonated on Jul

Where was the first nuclear bomb made?

Both the first fission bomb (the Gadget device exploded in Trinitytest July 16, 1945 on a 100 foot tall steel tower in the Jornadadel Muerto valley in what is now White Sands

How was the first bomb made?

the first atomic bomb was made by Albert Einstein by splitting the first atom. Some problems with this one. Firstly, the question says first bomb, not first atomic bomb. Seco

First Nuclear bomb was made in?

Although the Germans during World War II were the first to come up with both the concept it never came to light. America was the first nation to make a nuclear weapon.

Who made the first nuclear bombs?

The United States, with its activities through the Manhattan Project in WW2, produced the first nuclear weapons. There were thousands of people on this project, from my grandf