Who made the wood box stove it has written on it cozy-40 also wimlaw B.C Canada?

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I've a wood box stove with the text: "cozy n°40" on its left side. In its front, below, appears "M C Hess Veijle". Martin Crhistian Hess was the artist who made this stove in the city of Veijle, Denmark. Greetings from Uruguay
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How do you use a wood-burning stove?

A good book that probably will answer your questions is Woodstove Cookery:At Home on the Range by Jane Cooper. It tells you how to find, set up, fuel, take care of , cleaning and how to cook on it. The book includes recipies from soups to breads and everything in between. I am going to assume the o (MORE)

How do you install a wood stove?

There are many factors to consider when installing a wooden stove. The first step when installing is to look out for the one that suits your requirements. Some wood stoves are customized for your fireplace and are generally easier to install than the freestanding wood stove. Once the stove has been (MORE)

What kind of wood is best for wood stoves?

You need to burn a variety of hardwoods. You need a combination of fast burning hardwoods, such as Maple and Birch, along with slower, hotter burning woods such as Oak and Ash. The fast burning woods keep the hotter burning woods burning. Some other great woods for the stove are Apple, Cherry, Black (MORE)

What can you burn in a wood-burning stove?

It is best to burn oak, maple, ash, or some other hardwood. What you are really after is something that has a lot of heat output and very little smoke. You can burn coal in a stove that is specifically designed for it - don't assume a wood stove is, because it can burn through the stove. Don't burn (MORE)

Are wood stoves bad for asthma?

A quick search using "Asthma wood smoke" revealed several useful references indicated below. The general consensus is that the smoke from wood burning fireplaces and heating units is an irritant for asthma sufferers. This is probably due to both the inhalable particulate burden and the complex organ (MORE)

Pecan wood in a wood burning stove?

Pecan is similar to hickory in that it's:. 1. Hardwood, which means high heat output when seasoned. 2. Smells good. 3. Splits moderately easy. 4. has good coaling qualities. 5. puts off few sparks. 6. dries fast when seasoning. Conclusion: it's an excellent firewood, but I wouldn't cut down a (MORE)

Can a wood stove be painted?

Yes with a special high temp stove paint. Here is a URL I found http://www.stovepaint.com/Products/Products.asp?ID=1

What wood can be burnt in a wood-burning stove?

You CAN burn any wood in a wood-burning stove, however the BESTwood to burn is dry wood from a dead tree. *You want to considerany allergies when burning wood as the smoke can irritateallergies. Also, don't burn wood that has been painted or chemically treated.

Who makes vogelzang wood stove?

The stoves are made by: . Vogelzang International Incorporated 18400 East Gale Avenue 400 West 17th Street Holland, MI 49423 616-396-1911

When were Red Mountain wood cook stoves made?

Red Mountain Wood and Coal cook stove where made by Atlanta Stove co. then they went out of business and the company was purchased by Birmingham stove co. which then changed names to Birmingham Stove and Range.

What stops rust on a wood stove?

There is a product specifically for this, called stove black. It is available at many hardware stores. A wood stove that is in use at least periodically will not rust much because it is being kept dry, and stove black pretty much stops rust. Things not to use include any ordinary paint or oil. Any (MORE)

Why does a wood stove backfire?

It happens because it's very smokey in the stove so you probably have the flue shut down. Simply open the flue some so you have a better flame rather then a smolder so it burns cleaner. Also have your chimney serviced at least once a year, try to burn seasoned wood (dry). Remember if you split green (MORE)

How do you enamel a wood burning stove?

Some wood burning stoves are made of enameled steel, but the enamel is applied at the factory. The enamel is actually a form of glass, which is applied to the steel as a powder and then melted and fused on in an oven or kiln at a very high temperature. It is not the kind of thing that can be done in (MORE)

Can you burn rhododendron in your wood stove?

That is one of the few woods that may NOT be a good idea to burn in quantity. They contain a natural toxin, known as Grayanotoxin. It has a potential to cause health problems, including hallucinations. I know of no actual cases of harm caused by burning the wood- it is usually from honey derived f (MORE)

What is a South African 5C coin made of?

From 1961 through 1964 - silver (2.83 grams at 50% pure - 0.0455 troy ounces ASW [Actual Silver Weight]) From 1965 through 1982 - nickel (2.5 grams) From 1990 onward - copper-plated steel (4.5 grams)

Who made the daisy wood stove?

i have one and stamped on the plate on the front door Jacobs Mfg. bridgport ala. I would like to know what year it is?

What is a wood cook stove?

A wood cook stove differs from other wood stoves in that it is especially adapted for cooking. Typically, this means that it has a large cast iron top area, with lids that can be lifted out so pots can be exposed directly to the fire or hot gasses, if desired. There is usually a flue system that sur (MORE)

What is the best wood for wood stoves?

Dry, seasoned wood is best. The type of tree is not as important as moisture content. Wood must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 12 months, under cover, after being split and stacked. Popular firewood in the Northwest are: maple, alder, Douglas fir, spruce, apple and cherry, and oak.

Can you burn green wood in your wood stove?

If by green you mean undried, unseasoned- yes- but it will not burn as well, as will produce more creosote than dry wood. More chimney cleaning. HOWEVER, if by green you mean treated lumber, no. Much as that was treated with arsenic and chrome to preserve it from rot and insects, and the smoke fro (MORE)

Can you burn coal in a wood stove?

SOME stoves are rated as wood AND coal. Coal burns much hotter than wood. If used in a stove designed for wood ONLY, it will cause the stove to be damaged- parts will warp, break, or melt. Not good.

Can you install wood stove to a fireplace?

Yes, but the stove pipe should extend into the flue, and have a fire proof fitting- not just extending through a cover at the face of the fireplace, Consult a chimney specialist for an installation that will meet building codes.

What is the hottest burning wood for a wood stove?

In my view, the wood pellets which are made from the differentagro-wastes and forestry wastes are the hottest wood all over theworld. And owning one pellet machine is a best choice. I have found pellets to be so expensive as to be more costly thangas, especially when you add the extra most insurance (MORE)

Where can you get a replacement door for your wood stove?

Look on the back of your stove for the maker/brand of the stove. You can then contact any store that sells wood stoves to see if they can order a replacement door for you. If they can't, then google the name of the manufacturer to get their address and/or phone number, then contact them directly for (MORE)

What wood can you not burn in wood stove?

Hardwood (oak, maple, cherry) that has been dried for at least a year is about the only kinds one should burn. Even with seasoned firewood, your chimney should be cleaned at the end of the season and the beginning. This also will inspect it to make sure it is okay. Always have a fire department chec (MORE)

How about wood burning stove value?

Depends on the stove, age, and condition. Sort of like asking the value of a car- a LOT more information is needed. A cheap steel stove may be $100. An airtight soapstove stone may be closer to $1000. A cast iron kitchen range in excellent condition could be $1500.

How do you repair a fireplace with a rusted-out fire box and then safely install a wood stove?

This is probably going to require building permits and inspections- would hire a chimney specialist to do this. Refitting will inolve removing old fireplace, and installing new. Building Code may not allow you to connect wood stove to pre-fab fireplace- the stovepipe needs to be connected directly t (MORE)

Can you burn wood pellets in a wood stove?

Yes, but do not expect them to do well. Pellets are intended for use in a pellet stove- spacing, surface area, and air movement are wrong for a standard wood stove- and they are a bit pricey.

Are schrader wood stoves still made?

\n. No my stepfathers business is no longer, but if I had enough responses from people that they wanted to see them back on the market, I might be able to pursuade him adn my brother to bring it back to life....email me at amynschrader@yahoo.com

Why are bird boxes made from wood?

This is simply because wood is a natural substance and birds are used to wood. After all, you wouldn't want to have your house made of plastic.

What are the benefits of wood stoves?

Wood stoves can be cheaper to heat than other types of fuels, due to the costs of the fuels. Especially if you have access to wood on your property or free firewood, this can drastically reduce your fuel consumption costs. It is also self-sufficient. Other types of stoves may rely on electricity (MORE)

Who supplies wood pellets for stoves?

Wood pellets are made by compacted sawdust so any wood supplier could supply wood pellets. You can also purchase woodpellets at any hardware store such as Home Depot.

What does a wood stove blower do?

A traditional wood stove burns wood to heat a room. The wood stove blower is a fan system that is used to distribute the heat created by the stove around a room or building.

What are wood stove inserts used for?

A fireplace insert is a type of smaller stove inserted into an existing fireplace as a method of converting a fireplace from one fuel source to another. A wood stove insert would be used to allow a masonry fireplace to be much more efficient in its heating. However, an insert must be installed cor (MORE)

Why are wood burning stoves popular?

I'm trying to decide which is the best stove to install in my newhome and I can't settle on which to choose - a wood burning ormulti-fuel stove. From some research I've done online, wood burningstoves seem to be very popular, can anyone tell me why they are? Has anyone got a wood burning stove here? (MORE)