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Food Saver and Rival Seal-a-Meal makes the best vacuum food sealers. Food Saver is the industry favorite and the most well known brand, but they are a bit pricier than other brands. Some of the popular features of sealers by these brands are:

- Multiple sealing speeds
- Seals bags and canisters
- Various settings for marinating meat
- Crush-proof sealing
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What is more economical food storage bags like Ziploc or a food vacuum sealer?

Ziploc is more economical per bag.   Although the vacuum sealer bags are more expensive (and you also have the initial purchase of the sealer), the vacuum sealer bags will

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Where can iget a manual for model 838 pak'nsave decosonic vacuum bag sealer?

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Where is the best place to buy a foodsaver vacuum sealer?

The best place to buy a foodsaver vacuum sealer would have to be your local walmart,because the prices are unbelievably low.You might also want to try your local Jc penneys be

Where can you buy vacuum food sealers?

You can buy vacuum food sealers at Walmart, Kmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Meijer, Overstock, and many other mass merchandise retailers like Sam's Club and Costco.

What is can sealer?

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Which food sealer has the best product?

That depends on whether or not you want a handheld or counter top version. If you want a handheld, the Debbie Meyers Reynolds Handi Vac is a great product and can be found for

Who makes the best canister vacuum cleaners?

From what I have read, I would say that there are three brands of vacuum cleaners that offer the best canister vacuum cleaners. In my opinion, based on what I have read I woul
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How does a vacuum food sealer work?

A vacuum food sealer sucks the air out of the bag so the food stays fresh. The air in the container causes the food to rot, so the food sealer gets rid of that air. The food s