Who manufactures the Kenmore progressive upright direct drive vacuum cleaner?

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When was the vacuum cleaner invented?

Daniel Hess invented a machine with a bellows for suction and arotating brush in 1860, but it was largely impractical. Ahand-pumped vacuum cleaner invented by Ives McGaffey appeared andwas patented in 1869. In 1901, Cecil Booth, a British engineer,invented a large contraption built on a wagon that w (MORE)

Who invented the vacuum cleaner?

Ives W. McGaffney, of Chicago, created a mechanical machine in1868. Hubert Cecil Booth, an English engineer, built an electric vacuumcleaner in 1901. Daniel Hess invented the vacuum cleaner in 1860. thomas Edison Otto Von Guericke David Hess did. Ives McGaffey Ives McGaffey

When was Kenmore Model 385.12116 Manufactured?

I bought one of these the year before I got married. It was 1993, probably before November, because I wasn't engaged yet and that happened in November of 1993. I know this doesn't tell you when it was made, but it might give you a rough idea. Hope it helps.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

Bagless When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, the suction from the motor (either top or bottom) sucks in dirt and dust, bringing it into the cyclonic dust bin, and preventing it from getting into the motor by using a dust filter. When full, you must dispose of the waste in the cyclonic dust bin (MORE)

Who manufactures Kenmore appliances?

Kenmore appliances are actually made by most of the major manufacturers for Sears. The following model prefixes are listed along with who makes them: . 665. Whirlpool Dishwasher 110. Whirlpool Laundry 587. Frigidaire Dishwasher 106. Whirlpool Refrigeration/AC 363. GE Refrigerator/Dishwa (MORE)

Are you a vacuum cleaner?

No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lot of time and effort. It is worth taking a look at Roomba if you are going to shop for a vacuum cleaner.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up a mess or dirt in a carpet oron tile or wood floors, and all the gross junk goes into a bag orcontainer you throw away or dump in trashcan. It's a device used in cleaning in which suction is the prime sourcefor picking up dirt and debris from the floor, walls, up (MORE)

What do I check if my Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner model 116 is not working?

It depends what the problem is. If the brush isn't spinning check the belt and if there is something wound around the brush keeping it from spinning. If it is a problem with suction, check the hose make sure it is not plugged and there are no tears in the hose, replace the bag a full bag reduces suc (MORE)

Can you use a steam cleaner as a vacuum cleaner?

Overwhelmingly, no. There are only two steam cleaners available on the market with a built in vacuum. Most people don't buy them to use as a vacuum cleaner though, they are bought because the vacuum gives the steam cleaner the ability to clean carpets on top of their already well known ability to cl (MORE)

What vacuum cleaner should you buy?

I have a robotic vacuum cleaner, but if you want to buy one youshould check for some robotic vacuum services. For example, I canrecommend you the Silicon Valley robotic services. You can learnmore about it onreuters.com/article/2014/06/10/idUSnGNX6C1r2L+1d1+GNW20140610

Is a vacuum cleaner a type of technology?

Yes of course! Technology is the sum of the ways in which humans provide themselves with the material objects to make life easier. A cardboard box is technology!

Who invented invented the vacuum cleaner?

The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented by a janitor in Canton, Ohio- James Spangler in 1907. On June 2, 1908, he received US Patent Number 889,823 for a Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner.

Are Dyson vacuum cleaners on the NYSE?

No, Dyson isn't on the NYSE. It is privately owned, and James Dysonis the Chief Engineer. The stock available on the London stockexchange DYS is sometimes confused with it, but that stock is theDyson group and they have absolutely nothing to do with vacuums(bio-fuel cells I believe).

Why is a vacuum cleaner called a vacuum cleaner?

The machine gets its name from the fact that the fan in the unitmoves air and creates a low pressure pathway (a vacuum, though apartial one) that is open at the nozzle (or hose, when usingaccessories). Air rushes in at the opening of the pathway, and thatmoving air picks up debris. The air and dirt (MORE)

Who manufactures Kenmore washer 29002?

LG manufactures the Kenmore Elite 29002 and 29272. Whirlpool manufactures the 21102, 21202, 21302, 26002, and 28002. LG manufactures all Kenmore/Kenmore Elite front-loaders except for the 49032, which is manufactured by Samsung.

How is the vacuum created in a vacuum cleaner?

Although it is called a vacuum cleaner, it does not actually create a vacuum. Inside the cleaner there is an electric motor which drives a fan blade. This fan blows air out of the vacuum cleaner and this causes air to be drawn in to the cleaner at the other end. Thus the cleaner works by creating (MORE)

Reviews for Bissell upright vacuums?

Bissell is a reputable name in the vacuum cleaner business. You could find reviews on cnet, or go to amazon or newegg and read the customer reviews. You could also look at consumer reports.

How do Bissell upright vacuums operate?

Bissell upright vacuums probably operate just like any other vacuum cleaner. When you flip the switch, they begin to produce suction so that floor debris can be picked up and thrown in the trash.

Does Tescos Direct sell vacuum cleaners?

Although regular dry vacuuming removes the surface layer of everyday dust, embedded dirt and grime still exist in your carpet, making fibres look flat and lifeless. The only way to remove deep down dirt is to wash your carpets. Tesco stocks a range of Vax Rapide carpet washers including Vax Rapide X (MORE)

Are upright vacuum cleaners more efficent?

"Not necessarily, an upright vacuum can be more efficient but depending on the type or price it may not be. Some of the other types can do better than an upright vacuum, and an upright vacuum can be more efficient than others it mainly depends on the suction power or how old the vacuum is."

Who manufactures Kenmore washer 31512?

according to the sales people at Sears, the 31512 is manufactured by LG. Since there are LG's are that have many of the same features, they are probably right.

What is the best upright vacuum in 2013?

According to Top Ten Reviews, the upright vacuum cleaner which made the number one spot for the year of 2013 is the Miele Bolero which costs about a thousand dollars.

How easy is it to use upright vacuum cleaners?

Upright vacuums are relatively easy to use on flat surfaces such as carpeted floors. Many are lightweight and contain various attachments that enable ease of use when cleaning hard to vacuum areas like stairs.

Where can one shop for an upright vacuum?

An upright vacuum can be bought at various stores depending on the make and brand of the vacuum. Also when considering buying an upright vacuum, whether one wants a bagged or bagless vacuum must be considered. Either way an upright vacuum can be bought at any department stores.

Where can one find more information about upright vacuum cleaners?

One can find information about upright vacuum cleaners by visiting a store like Canadian Tire, or Sears and talking to the sales clerk. Another option is to check a few sites online for personal reviews. Consumer Reports is a good site to check as no one will be trying to make a sale. The purpos (MORE)

How does a Kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner work?

A Kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner is an up-to-date vacuum that is intelligent and easy to use. The vacuum has a feature called "inteliClean" that detects how much dirt is being removed from the floor or carpet.