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In Gujarat
Gujarat Samachar is the most popular and highest selling newspaper in Gujarat, India. It is written in Gujarati language, therefore it is mainly read by Indian people only. Additionally, there is also a website under the same name where one is able to find news about India. This way the portal tries to connect Indian people from all over the world.
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What caused the gujarat earthquake?

Gujarat lies around 400 km from the plate boundary that is locatedbetween the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. This earthquakethat struck Gujarat was caused by rifting reverse faulting onreactivated rift faults

Where is Gujarat?

Gujarat;one of the leading states of the country is located in thewestern part of the country; flanked by Maharshtra in the South,Rajasthan in the north and Madhya Pradesh to the east.

Who is the chief minister of Gujarat?

RUPANI, Vijaay Vijay Ramniklal Rupani (born 2 August 1956) is an Indian politician from the Bharatiya Janata Party .is the incumbant Chief Minister ofGujrat

Why is Dandi in Gujarat famous for?

Dandi has a historical value. It was here that Gandhiji showcased salt sathyagraha.. This satyagraha was undertaken because Britishers had imposed tax on salt, which is the bare necessity of everyone.

Who is the editor of gujarat samachar?

Gujarat Samachar is a daily newspaper in India that is written inthe Gujarati language. The editor of this paper is Shreyans Shah,who has held the position since December of 2012.

How many districts are there in Gujarat?

There are 26 districts. District Code District Name Headquarter (City) Population (2001) Area (km²) Density (/km²) . AH. Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad. 5,808,378. 8,707. 667. AM. Amreli District. Amreli. 1,393,295. 6,760. 206. AN. Anand. Anand. 1,856,712. 2,942. 631. BK. (MORE)

How many villages are there in gujarat?

1500000000 Dear, In Gujarat State how many cinemas Available, with Name, Address, Phone Number. How many time duration this task completion. please help me Naitik Patel From Surat,Gujarat

How many political parties in Gujarat?

There are about 50 political parties in gujarat. . Bharatiya Rashtravadi Paksha, Mukut Niwas, Shankardas Desai Street, Desaiwaga (Nadiad-387001), Gujarat . Gujarat Adijati Vikash Paksh Block No.6/4, MLA Nivas, Sector-21, Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat) . Gujarat State Janta Congress Indubha (MORE)

Who is the governor of gujarat?

Mr Narendra bhai Modi- It's wrong he is a C.M. not governor.. current governor till 0ct 2010 is Dr. Kamla Beniwal Dr. Kamla Beniwal is shifted to Mizoram. Margaret Alva is an active Governor took office on6 July 2014

Cities in gujarat?

They are bhandu sandar and morvad. if anyone finds a map of these cities in india, please email me ate this email address. pkhyati45@yahoo.com

Was Mumbai a part of Gujarat when?

Mumbai was not the part of Gujarat. It was a part of bilingual state consisting of Marathi & Gujrati people. In 1960 2 states viz. Maharashtra & Gujarat were created. Mumbai is retained with Maharashtra

What is craft of gujarat known as?

The craft of Gujarat is known as handiwork. The beadwork is knownas torans, and the craft of the beautiful tie-dyed fabrics ofGujarat is known as Bandhani.The crafting of hand-woven sarees iscalled patola.

Why dhaval speak Gujarati in Gujarat?

Because of the Dhaval Means White and In Gujarati People like the White Color and white color also in Indian flag for peace.... In simple meaning This is the Simple Gujarati Name for Boys Only

What is Dwarka in Gujarat best known for?

Dwarka is best known for temples here is some information ------ Dwarka is a magnificent city, which is situated in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. This Hindu Pilgrimage place was believed to be kingdom of the Lord Krishna. It was believed that Lord Krishna has settled in Dwarka after leavin (MORE)

Who is health minister of gujarat?

The Health minister of Gujarat is Shankar Chaudhary. ShankarChaudhary is also the minister of Family Welfare, Transport andUrban Housing Construction.

How many snakes poisonous in gujarat?

There are only 4 (Four) poisonous snakes in Gujarat. 1.Common Cobra 2. Common Crate 3. Russel's Viper 4. Saw Scaled Viper. There are other sea snakes which are also poisonous but they do not come in direct contact with humans so one should not bother about it.

What kind of crops are grown in gujarat?

cash-crops: cotton, castor, cumin food crops: paddy, wheat, maize, bajra, jowar, gram, tur vegetables: brinjal, tomatos, onions, potato fruits: ber, banan, mango, chikoo, papaya

What is the Legend of Sobha a princess of Gujarat?

Her legend is to protect her people from any type of danger, especially from Mahmood Gagnavi and take her thrown back from her step mother and her step uncle. She is another vision of god. She is great warrior.

Which is the famous place in gujarat?

Adalaj Vav Aina Mahal Ashokan Rock Edicts Bhadra Fort Bhujia Hill Fort (Near Bhuj) Calioc Textiles Musium Digvir Niwas Palace Ethnology Museum Fort of Diu (Junagarh) Kachchh Museum Kanthkot Fort (100 Kms From Bhuj) Lakhota Fort & Kotha Bastion (JAMNAGAR) Madanbsihji Museum (MORE)

Which two gulfs are situated in gujarat?

Gujuart is a state in the country of India and has two bodies of water on either side of it. The first body of water is The Gulf of Kachchh and the second is The Gulf of Khambhat.

Which is the first engineering college in gujarat?

Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College (BVM) is a grant-aided engineering institution located in the educational town ofVallabh Vidyanagar , Gujarat , India is the first eng. College in gujarat. .

What is the capitol of Gujarat in India?

The state's capit a l is Gandhinagar. The state of Gujarat in India does not have a capitol building as the term only refers to the legislature building in the capitals of states in the USA. However, Gujarat's "capitol" equivalent is located in Gandhinagar, within a complex that is called the "Cap (MORE)

When did Akbar conquer Gujarat?

Akbar conquered Gujarat in 1572. In 1601, he built the Buland Darwaza at Fathehpur Sikri to celebrate his victory over Gujarat.

What country does the Samachar newspaper serve?

The Samachar newspaper serves in the country India and the Indian States. There are, and were in some cases, several different Samachar newspapers, which are: Samachar Darpan, Sulabh Samachar, Gujarat Samachar, and Bombay Samachar, which is the oldest and still on going.