Who owned Palau?

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  • 1. First Spain
  • 2. Then Germany
  • 3. Then Japan
  • 4. Then the United States
  • 5. Finally Palau is independent
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What is the capital of Palau?

The capital city of Palau is Ngerulmud. It is located on the main island of Babeldaob, which is connected by bridge to the population center on the island of Koror.

Where is Palau?

Palau is a Pacific island at about 134.5° east longitude by 7.5° north latitude, east of the Philippine island of Mindanao and north of the western border of the Indonesian

How was Palau formed?

this girl was born and she was really big and then she fell into the ocean and her body part became the islands, not kidding i watched the video in class!

What continent is Palau on?

Palau is in the Pacfic Ocean but most people say the continent is Australia or Oceania. . Palau is in the Pacfic Ocean but most people say the continent is Australia or Oce

What country is the island palau owned by?

Palau is a tiny country consisting of several hundred islands, lying to the east of the Philippines. Its largest island is Babelthuap (Babeldaob). Other important islands incl

How do you pronounce Palau?

If you mean Palau, in Sardinia, Italy, this is the correct pronunciation: http://www.pronounceitright.com/pronuncia.php?id_pronuncia=5755

Who own the islands of palau?

the palau islands is a territory of the philippines and other islands of philippine sea and other islands of the south china sea (west philippine sea) it's are spratly islands
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When was Palau born?

Palau was born on August 13, 1883, in Paris, France.
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When did Palau die?

Palau died on December 3, 1966, in Meudon, Hauts-de-Seine, France.