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Does the insurance company own the car after it is totaled?

  You can put in an offer to buy the written off vehicle from the Insurers if you want to repair it yourself. A write off is beyond economical repair, meaning it costs mor

Does Franklin life insurance company own Integrity Life Insurance Company?

Integrity Life Insurance Company   Established in 1966, Integrity offers clients innovative long-term financial products designed to provide the lifetime income solutions t

Does a company owned vehicle have to have commercial insurance?

It might. You should check with your personal auto insurance first. For some business use they will extend the coverage. If they tell you that it will not be covered under you

How much money can you make owning your own insurance company?

Simplistically, the profit of an insurance company is the premium less the claims and expenses associated with running the company plus the investment income. As a practical m

Can insurance company own insurance agency?

InsuringIndia.com offered by life insurance companies are bundled  products, offering the benefits of both insurance and  investment.the accumulation phase, during which you

Who owns the Allianz Insurance Company?

The shareholders are the real owners of Allianz. Though it has variations of the name across the world Allianz SE (the big daddy of them all) is the parent but this is owned b

Who owns progressive insurance company?

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is a public company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange as Progressive Group of Insurance Companies with a ticker symbol of PGR.