Who owns Hartford insurance company?

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Why is Hartford known as The Insurance Company?

Hartford is known as the Insurance Capital of the World because so many insurance companies are based there. State laws also in many ways favor the state's major indust

Can insurance company own insurance agency?

InsuringIndia.com offered by life insurance companies are bundledproducts, offering the benefits of both insurance andinvestment.the accumulation phase, during which you pay p

Who owns the Allianz Insurance Company?

The shareholders are the real owners of Allianz. Though it has variations of the name across the world Allianz SE (the big daddy of them all) is the parent but this is owned b

Is there a Hartford insurance company in Pennsylvania?

There are two Hartford Insurance Companies located in Pennsylvania. One is located at 150 South Warner Road number 334 in King of Prussia and the other at 7450 Tilghman Street

Does the Hartford Insurance Company sell home insurance policies?

"Yes, I checked this out and the Hartford Insurance Company has a full line of all kinds of insurance polices, including Home Owner's Insurance policies of different kinds, as

When was the Hartford insurance company founded?

The company was founded in 1810, in the Connecticut city bearing the same name, as a fire insurance company. It managed to survive to this day, incorporating a wide variety of

Can an insurance company insure its own employee?

Obviously they can insure their employees at reduced premiacompared with premia taken from the general public.It all dependson the policies in question of the Insurance Compan