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Tom Gaglardi owns the Dallas Stars. He bought them in 2017.
R. Thomas Gaglardi, born 1968 (age 48-49), a Canadian business executive, and owner of the Dallas Stars, of the National Hockey League.
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Where do the Dallas Stars practice?

The Dr. Pepper Star Center in Frisco Texas. 2601 Avenue of the Stars Frisco, TX 75034-9016 (214) 387-5600

What does the Dallas star mean?

The star on the Dallas Cowboys' helmets and uniforms is a reference to Texas' historical image as the Lone Star State.

When did the Dallas Stars move from Minnesota?

The North Stars moved to Dallas to become the Dallas Stars in 1993

Who owns Dallas Mavericks?

Mark Cuban

In NHL are the Dallas stars good?

That would depend on your definition of "good".   In the 2007-2008 season they are 32-20-5, for a total of 69 points, with 25 games left to play in the regular season.  

How did the Dallas Stars get their name?

When the team moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993, a fan poll decided the team should drop the "North" in the name and just go with "Stars".

Who were the Stars of dallas tv show?

  Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Victoria Principal,   Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Victoria Principal,

Where did the name Dallas Stars come from?

It is partially based on the old North Stars name and the fact that Texas is know as the Lone Star State.