Who owns the European central bank?

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The same people who own the Federal Reserve and who owned the first national bank of America, The Second national bank of America, The Bank of England...
The same people who has been responsible for almost every war on earth...
The Rothschild A.K.A. the Illuminati who are satanist. No they are not Jewish but they pretend to be. They want us to hate everyone so while we are fighting each other they can own us all and laugh in the background. RISE UP FIGHT THE POWER!
and God be with you. :)
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Who are the shareholders of the European Central Bank?

the shareholders of the ECB are the same as those of the National Central Banks See pdf below for more info on how the money that´s gained in the process is divided h

Who owns the central bank?

Usually the government of the respective countries will own their central banks. For ex: a. Federal Reserve is the central bank of USA and it is owned by the US government

Are central banks publicly owned?

Yes you can say that. Actually, the current ruling government of a country owns/controls the central banks. And since the public vote and decide the government, they can be co