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Who owns the peninsula called baja?

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There is one answers to this question... if the peninsula is Baja California, then is owned by Mexico... (THE ANSWER IS MEXICO) if you are not talking about Baja California then I don't not know the answer to that!!!!! SORRY :( :( :( :(
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Where is the Baja peninsula located?

Baja California is in Mexico, just south of California in the US. They border each other. Baja means lower in the Spanish language.

Does mexico have the baja peninsula?

Yes Baja and Yuatacan Peninsulas are in Mexico. "Baja" is the common name for the Baja California Peninsula, which protrudes from southern California and runs along north-west

Is Baja California a peninsula?

Yes, it is. But don't confuse it with California, which is a state on the western board of the United States. See related questions for further detail.

Why is Mexico western peninsula called Baja?

When it was discovered in 1534 by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, the long peninsula was thought to be an island, so it was named after a mythical island inhabited by Amaz