Who painted a famous illustration of the signing of the Constitution?

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John Hancock

Who signed The constitution of the United States?

Signers of the Constitution \nDelegates to the Constitutional Convention, held in Philadelphia in 1787, signed the Constitution of the United States. Each state sent delegates to the convention. Not all the delegates signed the Constitution as it was finally approved. Some delegates, like George Ma (MORE)

Where was the Constitution signed?

The Constitution was signed at Independence Hall on September 17, 1787. But the signatures that are even more important are those given by the states as it was being considered for ratification.

Who sign the constitution?

The delegates to the constitutional convention who represented the colonies they came from. There was John Hancock, Ben Franklin as part of the group. George Washington did not sign. He will an order in 1789 putting the constitution into effect.

Who signed what in the constitution?

The final page of the Constitution has all the signatures of the men who were there the day it was finished. One of the most famous was Ben Franklin who when he signed stated " I now know that the sun carved in the chair of George Washington is a rising sun and not a setting sun."

Methods by which the Constitution can be amended and how do these illustrate the principles of federalism?

I only know half of the answer. I know that one Method by which the constitution can be amended is that 2/3 of both houses need to vote for the amendment to be debated and discussed. Then 3/4 of the states have to vote yes for it to become part of the constitution. The second method is that 2/3 of t (MORE)

How do you create paint splatter in Adobe Illustrator?

The best way is the natural way. Take some paint, or some melted crayon and splatter it on some white paper or brown paper bag, then scan it in and redraw over them. This obtains the most natural look, and a completely unique design.

39 of these people signed the constitution?

39 "delegates" signed the U.S. Constitution at the Convention, aswell as the secretary, William Jackson, making 40 signers in total.The delegates were all members of the original thirteen colonies,sent to represent them, with the exception of Rhode Island, whosent no delegates.

Did john Locke sign the constitution?

No, John Locke did not sign the constitution. He died in 1704. That was years before the American revolution which took place from 1775 to 1783. However, many of John Locke's work made great influences for the constitution and the declaration of independence.

Did William Jackson sign the Constitution?

He signed the document "Attest William Jackson Secretary" to attest to the delegates' signing. With his signature Jackson became the fortieth signer of the U.S. Constitution.

When did artists start signing paintings?

During the Renaissance. Before that, art was considered "by God". With the rise of Humanism, artists wanted to be recognized for their work. During this time artwork changed as well, and more paintings of the common man arose.

What famous painting did Claude Monet paint?

Dozens and dozens of his paintings are famous: Impression, Sunrise Poppies Blooming Saint Lazare Station Haystacks Rouen Cathedral Japanese Bridge Water Lilies and many more

Who were some of the people who signed the constitution?

1.)George Washington 2.)George Read 3.)Gunning Bedford, Jr. 4.) John Dickinson 5.) Richard Bassett 6.) Jacob Broom 7.) James McHenry 8.) Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer 9.) Daniel Carroll 10.) James Madison, Jr. 11.) William Blount 12.) Richard D. Spaight 13.) Hugh Williamson 14.) John Rutledge 15.) Ch (MORE)

Famous paintings painted by Aguste Renoir?

La Moulin de la Galette, Luncheon of the Boating Party, Mme Charpentier with her Children, Country Dance, City Dance, The Bathers, Girl with a Watering-Can, The Umbrellas.

Did Michelangelo sign his paintings?

It was not customary for artists at the time to sign their work. Michelangelo didn't sign his paintings. However, he was so proud of his Pieta sculpture that he signed it. His signature is carved across the chest of the Virgin.

People who signed the constitution?

George Washington - President and deputy from Virginia John Langdon, Nicholas Gilman - New Hampshire Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King - Massachusetts William Samuel Johnson, Roger Sherman - Connecticut Alexander Hamilton - New York William Livingston, David Brearley, William Paterson, Jon (MORE)

Who painted famous painting American Gothic?

The artist who painted American Gothic is GRANT WOOD. He was from Iowa and there are many other examples of his work all around the country. The original, actual American Gothic canvas now resides in a museum in Chicago. Grant Wood painted American Gothic in 1930.

Diego Rivera painted A Famous Painting When?

He painted lots of famous paintings between 1915 and 1956. One very famous is Festival of Flowers , 1925. Even more famous are his large murals (wall paintings) in Detroit, New York City and MexicoCity, all done in the 1930s.

Where was the U S Constitution signed?

The Constitution was written at a convention at Philadelphia but for the Constitution to be the plan of government (instead of the Articles of Confederation) 9 states had to approve it (there were only 13 back then)

What state was he constitution signed?

It was signed in what is now known as Independence Hall. Independence Hall is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So, the answer to your question is Pennsylvania.

Who were all of the people that signed the constitution?

Order Name State represented 1. George Washington . Virginia . 2. George Read [a] . Delaware . 3. Gunning Bedford, Jr. . Delaware. 4. John Adams Dickinson [b] . Delaware. 5. Richard Bassett . Delaware. 6. Jacob Broom . Delaware. 7. James McHenry . Maryland . 8. Da (MORE)

Who was president when constitution signed?

There wasn't a President until after the US Constitution was signed. The Articles of Confederation ... what made the United States "united" ... did not really regard the United States as a nation in its own right, and did not provide for much in the way of leadership. Before the Constitution, the US (MORE)

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Does the painting the trail of tears illustrate a belief in limited government?

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