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Who plays Sherlock Holmes in the old black and white TV series?

In 1950's a series directed by Sheldon Reynolds - Ronald Howard [the son of Trevor Howard] was Holmes with H. Marion Crawford as Watson.   Yes but there is also the even ol (MORE)
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What was the name of theCop Drama in the late 1980s television series last show ended while the song nights in white satin played?

  "Wiseguy" , starring Ken Wahl as undercover government agent Vinnie Terranova, and Ray Sharkey as crime boss Sonny Steelgrave. This was the first "arc" of episodes of th (MORE)

When was black and white television first aired?

The first television program ever to be broadcasted was on January 13, 1928. The New York World's Fair in 1939 had a constant interactive TV display pavilion. By the time of P (MORE)

Which is the American TV series with black kids and white parents?

There are two shows that come to mind: Diff'rent Strokes had onewhite parent and two black children (and one white child), andWebster had two white guardians and one black chi (MORE)