Who played Samantha in bewitched?

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Elizabeth Montgomery
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Who played tabitha in bewitched?

Erin Murphy played Tabitha on Bewitched. She's still in "the business" & will be starring on the new series "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling". http://starwebsites.com/erinmurphy/ THE ABOVE IS NOT ENTIRELY CORRECT !!! Erin Murphy Only Played in 101 Episodes and it was in the Late (MORE)

Who played tabatha on bewitched?

Lisa Hartman starred in the 1977-1978 "Tabitha" series. As for "Bewitched": Diane Murphy appeared in 20 episodes 1966-1972. Erin Murphy appeared in 103 episodes 1966-1972. The actresses were fraternal twins but looked less alike as they aged.

Who played Samantha on who's the boss?

Samantha on Who's The Boss was played by Alyssa Milano. She hasgone on to appear in several films and television series, such asher starring role on Charmed.

How old is Samantha on Bewitched?

The audience never really finds out how old she is. In season 1, episode 22, Darrin asks Samantha when her birthday is and how old she is. Her birthday is on June 6, but she never admits the year, and is troubled by the question of her age. In addition, Conversations between Samantha and her mother (MORE)

Who was Samantha Droke playing in Cory in the house?

Samantha droke was either playing Nina or Sophie in Cory in the house Hey! It's me Sammy and no I played a girl on "My Party is Better Than Yours" the TV Show Cory and Nute set Meena up on. I was a spoiled girl in the TV Show who got mad at her dad for not getting her a limo with a Hot Tub. :] Than (MORE)

Did kelly rippa play tabitha on bewitched?

No. In the episode in which Tabitha was born, she was played by Cynthia Black. Heidi and Laura Gentry were next, followed by Jill and Tamar Young in 1966. Erin and Diane Murphy played Tabitha from 1966 to 1972. There was an animated move called "Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family" in which Tabith (MORE)

How does Samantha on Bewitched do her magic?

She freezes, the camera stops and they change whatever needs to change, and then the camera rolls again. If you watch the scenes that have babies in them, you'll notice that the babies jump somewhat everytime something magical happens, because they don't understand to freeze.

Who played the wood nympth on bewitched?

There were several occult characters but all were human in form. You may be thinking of the White Rock girl- a soda commercial, definitely a wood nymph. No she doesn"r ride a butterfly or dragonfly this would be an idea. Tinkerbelle is a somewhat similar Disney character in Empire tights.

Did Samantha off of bewitched play on Andy griffin?

The Actress is the late Elizabeth Montgomery, a fairly versatile thespian, she may have done other shows. She was in a TV movie about a woman who was put in, and then revived from- Suspended Animation, called She Lives. Oddly, both Miss Montgomery and Bewitched co-star Dick York died of forms of Can (MORE)

Did Endora from Bewitched play in the Wrath of Khan?

No. Endora was played by Agnes Moorehead, who died in 1974, severalyears before The Wrath of Khan was filmed. She was still alive when the episode of the Star Trek TV series inwhich Khan first appeared ("Space Seed", 1967) was filmed, but shewasn't in that either.