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Who played the baby in the Perry Mason episode The Case of the Borrowed Baby?

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thebaby name s leander in the episode of borrowed baby on perry mason what s the real. babys name
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Who played baby chris perry halliwell?

Holly Marie Combs son(Piper) Riley Edward Donoho played baby  chris i am pretty sure.    ***Actually, while IDK who played baby Chris most of the time I  DO know that

Which case did Perry Mason lose?

Perry Mason: The Case of the Deadly Verdict ( MOST WELL KNOWN) This justifiably famous episode, ranked as #51 in the "100 Greatest TV Episodes of All Time" by TV Guide, was or

How do you get the baby to sleep in baby borrowers?

In the online baby-care game, apparently all you have to do is Hold, then Feed, then Change the baby, then play soft music to put it to sleep.