Who is Gene Hunt 1973?

Gene Hunt Is A Ficticious Character From The 2006 Series Of Life On Mars He Is Also In The Spin Of Series Of Ashes To Ashes. Gene Hunt Is In 1973 And Sam Tyler Who Was In A Ca (MORE)
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What is dcis?

Ductal Carcinoma, maybe some type of breast cancer.. Also is Defense Criminal Investigative Service. It's like NCIS except for the Army.
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How old is gene hunt?

It's never mentioned in the series but I'd say he was about 45 in Ashes to Ashes. He says that he was 19 in 1957 (mentioned in Life On Mars UK) which works out that he was bor (MORE)
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How do you play BBC mp4 files?

Right click on the MP4 file and select Open With from the menu which will show you available software that will play the file.
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What is Gene Hunt most famous for?

Gene Hunt was born in 1934. It was a character of the TV series Life on Mars. The role was playing a Detective Chief Inspector. Originally he was a young constable who died du (MORE)