Who predicted the weather?

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In 1861 a man finally decided to put his predictions into writing and it was actually correct. Francis Beaufort and his student Robert FitzRoy worked on a new science in meteorology.
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How can you predict the weather?

Weather forecasters take a look at surface data, upper air data,surface maps, and upper air maps to make a weather forecast.Satellite observations of weather systems are also used. Separate weather instruments used to forecast weather arebarometers (which measure air pressure) thermometers (to meas (MORE)

How do animals predict the weather?

Some animals act frisky and nervous when bad weather is coming . Like when my cats are spunky, it means it's going to snow or rain. If your cat is cleaning behind it's ear, it means some type of participation is coming

How geologist predict weather?

Geologists are not responsible for weather forecasting.Meteorologists carry out weather forecasting and they can do thatthrough studying cloud movements, air pressure, wind speeds andseasonal readings from previous years.

How do weather vanes predict weather?

Although a weathervane does not show you the precise weather, you can interpret the weather from the direction of the wind. In the Northern Hemisphere wind coming from the North usually brings colder weather because it is coming from the Arctic and from the South is warmer because it comes from th (MORE)

Can you predict weather?

Yes, you can predict the weather. Meteorologists and otherscientists have tools to help them predict 10 day weatherforecasts.

What is the importance of weather prediction?

weather predicitions can help many people lead a safer life pilots need them to fly safely farmers need them to attain healthy crops sailors need them to navigate around dangerous waters coastal councils need them to evaluate the risk of flooding and then act upon this information schools (MORE)

You can predict the weather can you predict the climate?

Climate and weather are different things that are predicted differently due to the timescale. Weather prediction focuses on dynamics of the atmosphere down to very small scales - even turbulent eddies in the air. Climate prediction doesn't incorporate that because it averages out - this type of pred (MORE)

How do satellites help predict the weather?

basically i have not a clue and im in science bored and having to answer this question as we well i speak so not very helpful but there you go and by the way just google it

How do weather forecasters predict the weather?

Modern meteorologists use the numerical weather prediction method.This method uses mathematical smulations of the earth to predictthe weather. A number of simulations are run in different countriesworldwide, using weather observations relayed from weathersatellites as inputs to the simulations. Math (MORE)

How is weather data used to predict weather?

\nwell... there are MANY different types of data used just to predict weather... so.. wind speed, temperature, humidity %,etc. are all used into one equation to predict weather... like..... if the pressure in the area ahead of the hurricane is extremely low.. and there is a front of high pressure co (MORE)

What are weather predictions based on?

Meteorologists use satellites, radar, current weather patterns, several tools (such as weather balloons or weather planes), etc. to predict the weather.

How do meteorologists predict the weather?

In The Online World It Says That, "Meteorologists use a variety ofobservation methods to first assess the initial condition of theatmosphere, including satellites and radar, automated observationnetworks, and especially 12-hourly radiosondes (sent up in weatherballoons). Using these observations, th (MORE)

How can animals predict weather?

Many animals are affected by the weather when it is about tochange, it messes with their senses. Birds are usually the firstones to know when the weather is going to change before others.

How do weather observations predict weather?

Modern meteorologists use the numerical weather prediction method.This method uses mathematical simulations of the earth to predictthe weather. A number of simulations are run in different countriesworldwide, using weather observations relayed from weathersatellites as inputs to the simulations. The (MORE)

How do weather stations help predict weather?

To answer this you need to understand what atmospheric pressure a.k.a. barometric pressure is. This is very simply the weight of the air mass that is sitting on top of your location. The pressure that this air exerts on you is generally measured in inches of mercury here in the US, other parts of th (MORE)

How does air pressure predict weather?

In general High Pressure promotes atmospheric stablity (clear sunny weather) and warmer temperatures, while Low Pressure promotes atmospheric instablity (storminess) and somewhat cooler temperatures. In low pressure systems in the northern hemisphere air rotates in a counterclockwise direction and (MORE)

Is weather predictable?

Yes, humans can predict weather with satellite technology, but it is unreliable and is often incorrect.

How does stars used to predict weather?

this is use by some fishermen. if you see one night many stars in the sky this means the ff. day will be fair while if you see cloudy the ff. day might be rainy or cloudy

How does a groundhog predict the weather?

It predicts the weather based on whether it sees its shadow or not. It's simply American folklore and whether it sees its shadow has no bearing at all on the next 6 weeks of weather.

Can a weather station predict a tornado?

Not exactly. Local weather forecast offices work together with theStorm Prediction Center (SPC). The SPC looks at general weatherconditions across regions over periods of hours to days. They cantell if conditions are becoming favorable for tornadoes and othersevere weather. However, they cannot tell (MORE)

Why you need to predict weather patterns?

You don't ... unless you want to know what the weather will be in the near future. This is considered most critical for dangerous storms, and the early history of forecasting was for hurricanes.

Can cats predict weather?

Due to what scientists think, if you rub a cats body and you see or feel electricity, if you see that means you have the lights off, that would mean that there would be a lightning storm. Some cats act different that they usually do when a storm is coming, like laying down or in a confined spot, lik (MORE)

What is the modern mean for the prediction of weather?

Weather forecasting has come a long way with the advent of modern technology. Where once there were handheld instruments with dials and tubes, now there are radar systems and satellites assisting meteorologists in predicting the weather. Some older instruments are still in use with the more advanced (MORE)

Can a weather freeze be predicted by meteorologist?

A freeze, as in low temperatures down below the freezing mark - sure, it's one of the easier things to predict. Meteorologists rely on multiple types of computer models and their numeric output. They need to account for things like local topographic differences, soil moisture, the changing thickness (MORE)

Who found out how to predict weather?

A person found out how to find weather prediction in a certain process. Lewis Fry Richardson learned and described how things flows in the atmospheric system level

Does the weather in Illinois predict the weather in Ohio?

Not exactly. Weather systems in the United states generally moveeastward, so a weather event that is effecting Illinois will likelyaffect Ohio in some way a few hours later. However, not all systemsmove directly east, and a system can change quickly.

How do weather forecasts able to predict the weather?

with weather tools such as barometers you can also tell what kind of weather you are going to have by looking at the clouds. there is a tool that measures humidity so if it it really humid it may rain. the is also a tool that measures wind speed . yep that's pretty much how. Oh and one more thing .. (MORE)

Can you predict the weather from the sunset?

The old weather adage often stated is: "Red sky at night, sailor'sdelight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning." Therefore, ared sunset is supposed to result in dry, sunny weather the nextday.

Is error possible in weather predictions how and why?

Yes. First, making an accurate prediction requires getting good,accurate data, but there are limits to how much data we can gather.A small variation in one weather condition now can make a bigdifference later. Second, we rely on a number of computerizedforecast models to make prediction, but none of (MORE)

How are computers used to predict the weather?

Weather usually occurs in 'patterns'. Data from previous days &years actual readings are fed into the computer. The computer thenuses the data to 'guess' what the weather is likely to do - given aset of existing readings.

Is predicting the weather difficult?

Pretty much yes it is difficult because it is impossible to predictweather because we don't know what will happen next because wedon't know the future.