Who prescribed marijuana for Queen Victoria's menstrual cramps?

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It was the Royal acting physician Sir John Russell Reynolds in 1890.
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You want to receive prescribe marijuana?

Answer . Prescribed Marijuana is strictly for those people that are truly ill and are nauseated or in pain from Chemo or Radiation in most cases. I don't know where you could get it in the U.S., but Canada has a legalized clinic that will give either the cigarette or pill form of Marijuana for (MORE)

Can you take Vicodin for menstrual cramps?

Answer to Vicodin question . Vicodin contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen (the ingredient in Tylenol). Taking Vicodin for menstrual cramps is question concerning your own individual body. Some women report that it helps immensely, while others report that it knocks them out or has no effect at (MORE)

How can you releive menstrual cramp?

due to high pottasium levels bananas are said to cure menstual cramp (period pain) Answer There are some yoga poses that help to get relieve for menstrual cramp. From the start to the end of the menstruation period, a woman should stick to the practice of selected asanas to remain healthy. B (MORE)

How can you stop menstrual cramps?

Take a Midol pill, should help. :) Oh and if you have a heating pad/ hot water bottle, putting that against you stomach immediately helps reduce the pain. I do both. :D - A khichari cleanse for a week (with some castor oil at the end), caused my bad cramps to vanish. Also don't eat cold foods o (MORE)

When do menstrual cramps occur?

Menstraul cramps occur at least a couple of days before your period actually comes. on. The reason why we as females get cramp is a question that i cant answer. But i can say to keep them away you shoudnt drink cold beverage or any thing that's cold; also milk also cause cramps and gives you blook c (MORE)

Severe menstrual cramps?

Is unfortunately normal for some women. You can ask your doctor for a muscle relaxer, Naproxen works, or getting on the birth control pill can also make it less painful and make you bleed less.

How do you reduce menstrual cramps?

To stop cramping you can do these all ! *take a warm(morehot) bath *very loose and comfy cloths *take midol (pill) *eat a bannana *drink hot tea *place a heat pad on your lower stomach (abdomen) *lay in bed on your stomach *watch tv *stay in a calm room *dont worry about anything (MORE)

What to do for bad menstrual cramps?

OTC Pain Medications Heat - Such as heating pads Avoid excessively sweet or salty foods during your period as these contribute to bloating and sluggishness. Contrary to popular belief that moving can aggravate your menstrual cramps, doing some form of exercise is actually good for relievin (MORE)

How can you get prescribed for marijuana?

You cannot get a prescription for marijuana here in the US, or in any county in the world. What is called medical marijuana is merely a note from a doctor that allows their patient to purchase marijuana in a legal manner. The note just allows them not to be arrested. It is not a prescription. For it (MORE)

Queen Victoria's achievements?

The only real lasting positive achievement of Queen Victoria was constitutional. She was the last British monarch to openly express her political opinions and forbade her son; King Edward VII to take part in political discussions, a convention that is with the UK today.

Queen Victoria's family?

prince edward Victoria Mary louisa of saxe-coburg-saalfeld prince albert and her many children, grand children and great-grand children

What can help menstrual cramps?

i have super bad menstrual cramps when my period comes rolling around, and what i have found that helps them is eating one or two bananas because the potassium in bananas soothes the pain. I have also found out that putting my small dog where the pain is helps a lot too. Because the weight of him an (MORE)

Is it normal to have severe menstrual cramps?

It depends on what 'severe' might be. I worked on a pretty in depth survey on menstrual cramps and the majority of women had what could be considered 'severe' cramps. The pain was rated on a scale of 1 (mildest) to 10 (Worst), and the average rating was a 7. Personally, I consider a 7 to be severe p (MORE)

What is marijuana prescribed for?

multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer, and chronic pain. In medical marijuana, doctors issue a note that makes it legal for their patient to posses marijuana. However, it is not a prescription. A prescription would require FDA testing and approval. No such testing or approval has been issued by the F (MORE)

Will Naproxen help with menstrual cramps?

\nYes it will... well usually. Some people say it doesnt but I know at least 5 who say it does. Personally I love it since not only will it take away the pain in less than an hour but also makes you bleed less. It wont stop your bleeding of course but unlike others it will not make you bleed more.

What foods help menstrual cramps?

Chocolate is good as it releases endorphins which make you happy and less cranky and anything with alot of iron as you are loosing blood it drains you, also lemons as they have anti oxidants and vitamin b and c

Is there a way to prevent menstrual cramps?

A khichari cleanse with some castor oil at the end made my bad cramps disappear. Keep a clean digestive system, and don't eat cold foods or invert yourself during your period. There are lots of different ways, and each apply differently to everyone. Try getting a hot water bottle, lying down and p (MORE)

Can smoking marijuana help your menstrual cramps?

Opinion 1 No, it will just heighten the feeling of them. Opinion 2 Actually, I find that marijuana does help because it allows my body to relax and possibly fall asleep. Opinion 3 I actually find that marijuana helps you calm down, you feel no pain and your able to relax and maybe (MORE)

Can you get prescribed marijuana in Illinois?

Yes u can..but there's catches..its possible..its been possible for over 30 years..it has to be accepted by your doctor and by state police dept AND IF ACCEPTED U will have the freedom to have 6 medical marijuana plants in your possession but only 3 at a time can be mature or in the budding stage

Can marijuana be prescribed for my heart disease?

In medical marijuana, doctors issue a note that makes it legal for their patient to posses marijuana. However, it is not a prescription. A prescription would require FDA testing and approval. No such testing or approval has been issued by the FDA.

How would you get prescribed marijuana?

Have a condition which it can be granted for. Visit a physician in a jurisdiction which allows medical marijuana. Collect a prescription. Obtain seedlings and grow it. Correction: Doctors issue a note that makes it legal for their patient to posses marijuana. It is not a prescription. A prescript (MORE)

Do bananas help menstrual cramps?

Yes, well for me they do. it depends if the cramps are are very very bad or if you eatbannans alot Any foods high in potassium will help with menstrual cramps.

What helps for menstrual cramps?

Sleep, masturbation can help relax the abdominal muscles(but be careful:sometimes it can just make the cramp worse), some medicines like Pamprin or ibuprofen, yoga or stretching has been known to help.

Why do i get menstrual cramps?

Cramps are a PMS from having your period. Im not quite sure why you get cramps but every girl differs. I tell you i do not get cramps. But cramps are a symptom of your period. There are other symptoms to like bloating, fatigue, and sore boobs. Hope this helped

Why do you get menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are just the ovaries contracting to push the egg and excess blood, water, and tissue it built up out. Its normal.

What did Queen Victoria's parents do for a living?

Queen Victoria's Parents, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn (2 November 1767 - 23 January 1820) and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (17 August 1786 - 16 March 1861) where royalty and thus didn't really so anything for a living

What can help to reduce menstrual cramps?

Aleve works for me. OTC Pain Medications Heat - Such as heating pads Avoid excessively sweet or salty foods during your period as these contribute to bloating and sluggishness. Contrary to popular belief that moving can aggravate your menstrual cramps, doing some form of exercise is act (MORE)

Where was Queen Victoria's golden jubilee?

Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee was in 1887 and was the 50th Anniversary of her accession to the Throne. That being said, it was chronological (though there were certainly parades, etc in London) and not centered on any particular city, it was celebrated throughout the Empire. Special coins, medall (MORE)

How to get rid of menstrual cramps?

Do a lot of exercises :) It helps. Don't just sit around. The reason why us women gets cramps is because the muscles "contract" to push blood. If you really can't stand the pain. Go see a doctor.

What neurological condition can marijuana be prescribed?

It can never be prescribed. Marijuana is a level 1 controlled substance. Level 1 controlled substances are considered to have no medicinal value so if a doctor prescribes anything in level 1, they will lose their license. In some states, a doctor can recommend marijuana but never determines the (MORE)

Do they prescribe Medical Marijuana for diabetes?

Marijuana cannot be prescribed anywhere in the United State as prescribing a level one narcotic will cause them to lose their license. Level one narcotics are shown to have no medicinal value. I do not want to be argumentative, although whoever answered this question should check it out a little mor (MORE)

Does midol work for menstrual cramps?

Yes, I used it for years. To help with cramps also use a heating pad on your lower back or tummy, drink hot tea, and stay away from sugar and caffeine. If you have PMS along with your cramps the above suggestions will help with that as well. You may have to do what I finally did if your PMS/cramps a (MORE)

What can you do to relieve menstrual cramps?

There are several things you can do for help. Take Midol ( this you can get at any drugstore in the aspirin section), put a heating pad on your tummy or lower back, drink some hot tea, and lay down if you can. Stay off of high sugar and caffeine drinks and junk food. I know you may crave these thing (MORE)

How can menstrual cramps can be reduced?

There are numerous ways to reduce your cramps. Many medications work for many girls. Ibuprofen such as Advil and Motrin seem to work best though many girls got relief from Midol, Pamprin, Tylenol and Aleve. A great many girls preferred home remedies such as apply heat, ice, or pressure to thier abd (MORE)

Where can a person have menstrual cramps?

Everyone is different but I usually get mine in my back, lower stomach and I get wicked headaches. Don't be concerned if you dont get cramps in these areas-- everyone is different. But I would talk to a doctor if your periods seem, erm, weird.

Does NuvaRing reduce menstrual cramps?

When studied in large groups of women, NuvaRing, like all hormonal birth control, reduced menstrual cramps. It works that way for many women, but everyone's different. Talk to your health care provider to see how it might work for you. Using a shortened or absent ring-free interval might be particul (MORE)

What is a menstrual cramp?

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for it. The cause for menstrualcramps are contractions in the uterus, which is a muscle. Itcontracts throughout your whole menstrual cycle. If the uteruscontracts too strongly, it can press against nearby blood vesselsand cut off the supply of oxygen to the muscle ti (MORE)

How do you eliminate Menstrual cramps?

There are two primary types of these difficult or painful periods -primary and secondary dysmenorrhea. Additional risk factors for these cramps include: Being younger than 20 years of age Starting puberty at age 11 or younger Menorrhagia - heavy bleeding during periods Never given birth. Several (MORE)