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Who said 'Oh God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.'?

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This small prayer is known as the Breton Fisherman's Prayer, who are fishermen from Brittany, an administrative region in western France.
The prayer is short and succinct in its entirety and not to be confused with other prayers that sound similar.

The Breton Fisherman's Prayer was engraved on a brass plaque and presented to President John F. Kennedy by US Navy Admiral Hyman Rickover. The admiral would subsequently present the same type of plaque to all new commanders of Polaris submarines.

The Breton Fisherman's Prayer is not typically used by scouting groups such as the US branches of boy and girl scouts. Some Canadian girls associations have used this and/or variations of this in their printed material, as well as this prayer being the motto of the Children's Defense Fund.
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