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Who said ' I love babies I love dressing them I love playing with them I love feeding them'?

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Jessica Kambrook
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What if she does not love you?

she is probably into someone else or she just not ready for a relationship. there are some girls who say that to see what you would still go after her to see if your the one f

Why do i love?

Answer . It's a natural human function to love, fall in love, and be in love. Everyone loves somebody. I mean I don't know anyone that doesn't , do you?its easy to love you

How you get your love?

You know you love someone because when you look at him or her you feel shy and very weird. . I Hope this helped!

What do you feed baby love birds?

If you are willing to start hand feeding depends on how old they are. from newborn to 2 weeks of age use a syringe they can have babyfood (humans) or formula for birds that yo

How do you feed a baby love bird?

Hello well my answer would be to use a syringe a plastic one you can find either at your local pet store or a pharmacy will just give you one if you ask! :P make sure to cut t
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How do you catch his love after I said no to his love?

if you said no to his love after he said he loved you . but now yuur fallling for him ,, than yuurr screwedd . hes probley already moved on to another girl to get over the fac