Who said Sociology teaches how groups function and how to make use of the laws governing the way they function so as to try to circumvent them?

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Pierre Bourdieu
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What is the functional group of cholesterol?

Hydroxyl Group The hydroxyl group is the smallest portion of the cholesterol molecule consisting of just one oxygen atom bound to one hydrogen atom. The electronegativity of t (MORE)
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Explain the functions of pressure group?

1. provision of specialized and technical information 2.Intermediation b/w Govt and public 3.Acts as check on the political extremism 4.Represents the small groups and mioriti (MORE)

What are the functions of the law of tort?

The main purpose of tort law is to compensate the victims of wrongdoing for the injuries they suffer as a result. It generally is not concerned with punishing, or casting mo (MORE)

The Difference Between Psychology and Sociology

It is often easy to get psychology and sociology confused. Both of them deal with human behavior and beliefs, but they are different in many ways. If you are more interested i (MORE)

Functional Groups: Organic Chemistry 101

Functional groups are groups of atoms that are found in molecules, which are involved in the chemical reactions associated with those molecules. Functional groups can be ident (MORE)

Classifications of Chemistry Functional Groups

Organic chemistry makes use of functional groups in order to describe specific groups of atoms within molecules. These groups of atoms are responsible for the characteristic c (MORE)

Defining the Ester Functional Group

The ester functional group is one of the most interesting functional groups in organic chemistry. The chemical compounds of this functional group can give rise to a variety of (MORE)

Law School Basics: Key Tips and Advice for First-year Law Students

The first year of law school is often a shocking transition for students, even those who attend difficult and demanding undergraduate programs. Let these law school basics hel (MORE)

Function of law?

The law has various different functions. For example, it serves to  protect the health and safety of a country's population.

What are the functions of US federal government?

Our forefathers argued about this for years before penning the Constitution. The main objectives for the US Federal Government, that is all three branches: Executive, Judici (MORE)