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Who said Sociology teaches how groups function and how to make use of the laws governing the way they function so as to try to circumvent them?

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Pierre Bourdieu
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What are the functions of sociology?

what are the functions of sociology? 1.select and study industrial social element. 2.explain and analysis of the nature of organizational behavior. 3.invention theory re

What are the functions of the US government?

The functions of the US government are quite diverse and are aimedat making the life of its citizens better. The main functionsinclude providing justice, foreign diplomacy, to

What are the functions of sociology in education?

Education has an important effect on society. The better educated a society is the better it is able to produce rules or laws that allow its members to have a better quality

What is functionalism in sociology?

A. Functionalist . Modeled after physical sciences a. Generalization b. Objectivity c. Quantification d. Experimentation. Key Aspects . a. Social systems 1) Rela

What is structural functionalism in sociology?

Structural functionalism refers to the distinct structures or institutions that shape a society and each structure has a specific function or role to play in determining the b

What are the functions of US federal government?

Our forefathers argued about this for years before penning the Constitution. The main objectives for the US Federal Government, that is all three branches: Executive, Judic