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Who said failure to plan is planning to fail?

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It's Winston Churchill who said "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" during World War II
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What are the consequences of failure to planning?

In the business world, planning is to avoid the consequences of  failure. Planning helps to have a focus, and solutions to possible  issues that may arise. The consequences

Why did the British plan fail?

When the British Troops set out to capture the Higher ground of  Passchendaele That was safely blocked by Barbwire. There plan was  to blow the barbwire to bits with artille

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Why did the Schlieffen Plan fail?

The Schlieffen plan was the German plan of attack designed to defeat France quickly and then turn on Russia. It was intended to avoid a war on two fronts. However, the plan wa

Explain you fail to plan you plan to fail?

What this means is if you don't plan for something i.e. 'fail to plan' then you can expect things to go wrong i.e. 'plan to fail'. Quite self explanatory.

Failure to plan is planning to fail discus this statement in relation to development planningshowing merits and obstacles to the planning process?

Failure to Plan is planning to fail. This Statement is true , however there are other factors that may lead to failing in anything one does. Issa a student at Mountains of th

Why do we have plans failures in Nigeria?

Plans failure in Nigeria is due to lack of perfect monitoring system in the country. This gives the contractors the chance to divert the fund made available to them for their

Who is quote Failure to plan is planning to fail?

  It is an old proverb, it is in many languages and cultures. There is not real record of the original speaker. And because it exists in many cultures, we don't even know

Why do development plans fail?

Frequently because they are not robustly reviewed. When a development plan is created many expect its content to be a straight line to success - No so. A Development plan is s