Who said the best offense is a good defense?

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Google suggests that it is a misquote of Carl von Clausewitz, who said "The best defense is a good offense". Here's the reference: http://www.quote-db.com/index.php/quote/3717 The quote "The best defense is a good offense" has also been attributed to the heavyweight prizefighter Jack Dempsey, here: http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=32&aid=32072 offense to attack and defense is to protect your self against attack?"
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Where do basketball players stand on offense and defense?

That all depends on the coach. There is no specific spot that someone stands on offense and defense. You will stand in different spots for different forms of defense and different spots for the type of offense you are running.

Was the containment policy essentially offensive or defensive?

Containment Policy . The Containment Policy of the Truman administration was basically an offensive threat to the expansion of the Soviet Union. It threatened to use force should the Soviets attempt to expand in areas that were not under Soviet control. Yet, it could also be considered defensive, (MORE)

What are soccer's offensive and defensive rules?

The Laws of the Game are not defined by offense and defense. There are 17 rules in soccer. They can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game. www. fifa .com/mm/document/affederation/federation/lotg_en_55753.pdf

Who said the best offense is defense?

It is said that Mao Zedong was the first person to say that thebest offense is defense. Carl von Clairsewitz said it as amisquote. He said the best defense s a good offense.

Are wolves defensive or offensive?

Wolves are normally defensive towards humans and anythings that is a threat. They are offensive to their prey. Wolves can be bouth offensive and defensive.Wolves are veary deffensive if when protecting their young or each other.They can be offensive with rival wolf packs or when their hunting the al (MORE)

What is the Best Defense?

The answer is "a good offense." Added : Ones mind is the primary self-defense tool. Use your ability to think, be aware, look, listen, and be familiar with common methods of attack. I would NOT recommend any defense tool or weapon, lethal or nonlethal, used for self-defense, which you are (MORE)

What does the quote the best defense is a good offense mean?

If you can take your opponent out, before HE starts to consider taking YOU out, you don't need any other defense... The quote is attributed to Clausewitz works 'On War', which is in turn based on the work of Sun Tzu and Mao tse Tung. In it he states that if party A does nothing but defend himself f (MORE)

How do gazelles defense of offense themselves?

The way gazelles protect themselves are not with their horns, but with their legs. I'm trying to say here, is that they run away from their predators as fast as they can.They also leap to go farther distance.

What is most important defense or offense in baseball?

Well, you need to score runs to win, but one lucky swing can give you a homer. So if you look at it this way, if out of 27 batters, one hits a home run, you're ahead 1-0 if the other team doesn't score, which a good D will prevent. Also, baseball is the only sport in which the DEFENSE controls the b (MORE)

Offense v defense in softball?

defense is when you are playing in the field. batting isn't really referred to as offense but when a team is at bat i guess you could say that.

The best offense is a good defence?

That is generally not the case. The best offense will usually win many games and get you to the playoffs, but the best defense always proves to win championships. Thus, the Boston Celtics have won while the Phoenix Suns have not.

What is a list of the position of offense and defense .?

For on offense there are five linemen (Left Tackle, Left guard, Center, Right Guard, and Right Tackle) and there are 6 people that can touch the ball (one of which is quarterback) . the other 5 people can be any combination of Wide Recievers, Runningbacks, and tight ends on defense there are no req (MORE)

Who has the best offense in soccer by country?

i would say Spain with villa and Torres but Argentina are a close second because they have messi teves aguero milito England also haved an excellent offense with Wayne Rooney defoe and crouch all good players and Gerrard and lampard

Who has the advantage in football the offense or defense?

While it is hard to say one has an advantage over the other because of all the variables, offense should have the advantage for a few reasons. 1) The offense knows the snap count. When playing defense you are constantly trying to guess when the center will snap the ball. So in theory the offensive s (MORE)

What is offensive and defense?

The offense is whoever has possession of the ball trying to advance into their opponents endzone. The defense is the team trying to stop them.

Does a cornerback play on offense or defense?

Defence, the Cornerback is a position that covers opposing wide recievers. Because they often work on the corners or edges of the field (where the fastest receivers are placed) they are known as "corner"backs

What are a rabbits forms of defense and offense?

Rabbits mainly rely on their speed and agility for defense. Camouflage also plays a big role. In northern, snowy climates the rabbits have evolved with white fur, contrasted by brown rabbits in the desert. As for Offense, they have none; they are herbivores.

What is the offense and defense average of the giants?

Part of the reason the Saints lost to the Niners on Saturday is that their defensive game plan was too simple. They acted as if stopping Frank Gore would stop the entire Niners offense. They committed eight, nine, sometimes ten defenders to the box to shut down Gore and they left every single receiv (MORE)

What is offensive and defensive tactics?

Offensive and defensive tactics will depend upon what a person is trying to do. For example, in football defensive tactics will defend themselves and offensive tactics will be trying to make a goal.