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Who sets federal income tax rates?

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Congress...through a very complex legal and political and financial process.
Tax rates and such are actually laws.
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When do you have to pay federal income tax?

  Your taxes must be paid through out the year. That is, by either payroll withholding or making estimated payments on your estimated amount due quarterly...with a Form 10

When did federal income tax begin?

  1862 - President Lincoln signed into law a revenue-raising measure to help pay for Civil War expenses. The measure created a Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the nat

Who established the federal income tax?

It is allowed by the Constitution. Essentially the system to enforce and handle the Tax Laws themselves - were passed after much debate and discussion by the elected members o

What is the maximum federal individual income tax rate?

  Max is 35%, at what point that comes in to effect depends on your filing status (single, married, etc) and you pay the tax at the lower rate on your income up to that po

When are federal income taxes due?

The total amount of your federal income tax that is due for the calender year taxpayer is usually due to be postmarked before MIDNIGHT April 15 of the year after the tax year

What is the income tax rate in India?

Income tax slabs 2009-2010 (for Men) in India: Income Tax Slab (in Rs.) | Tax / 0 to 1,60,000 | No Tax / 1,60,001 to 3,00,000 | 10% / 3,00,001 to 5,00,000 | 20% / Above 5,00,0

What is the current federal income tax?

For the 2010 tax year the federal income tax rate on the individual taxpayer 1040 income tax return is 10% to the maximum 35% on the taxpayer TAXABLE INCOME AMOUNT after the 1

Do you have to pay federal income tax?

Yes. In the United States, the Federal Government pay levy taxes on income. As the initial proposition for what became Amendment XVI had no time limit, and since more than