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Everyone. Naps are amazing. Tru dat
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Why do babies have to take a nap?

  Answer   Babies need to sleep because sleep renews energy and their bodies are using up so much energy growing that they could not go a full day without taking nap

How long should a nap be?

  About 20 minutes, although this varies between people to up to 40 minutes for an ideal length of time before you enter a deeper form of sleep.

How many naps should newborns take?

  Newborns spend more time sleeping than awake so they really don't take "naps" they just sleep a lot. You should let your baby sleep as much as he or she wants to.

How do you say take a nap in spanish?

  If you want to TELL someone to take a nap, you say, "Toma una siesta." It is pronounced, "TOE-mah OOh-nah see-ES-tah." Sites such as learn-spanish.co.il provide audio

How many naps should your 6 month old take?

Normally a 6 month old will still take either 3 shorter naps ( about 1.5 hours each) or 2 longer naps (about 2 hours each). My brother takes one 1 long 2 or 3 hour long nap.

Should adults take naps?

i think that adults should not take naps because they have too much stuff to do in the house and take care of the dogs and the kids
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Can you take a nap in contact lenses?

there are indeed certain kinds of contacts that you can sleep in. with mine, youre not supposed to but i have taken naps in them and nothing has happen. i have heard of ones t

Should students be allowed to take naps in class?

No. If children are sleeping they might as well just stay home. You're not getting anything out of it. Students should not be allowed to take naps in class. It is disruptive f

Should toddlers take naps?

Toddlers should take one to two naps a day, one late morning and one before 4 pm. Toddlers are busy learners. Their brains at that age absorb everything. Without nap times, to