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Who sings The gospel song that has the lyrics the question is when is jesus coming back the answer is soon soon soon?

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The Gospel group from the 80s called the Winans
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What are the lyrics to southern gospel song Coming Soon?

Coming soon jesus in all his glory not just a savior, but a reigning king coming soon and the whole world will be witness oh be ready, for he is coming soon verse 1 once he ca

How do you say she is coming soon in Arabic?

Translation: Hiya taji' qariban (هي تجيء قريبا)

Who sang the song SOON?

Soon is the name of at least three different songs.. 1927 - introduced by Helen Gilligan and Jerry Goff in the 1930 revision of the musical Strike Up the Band . 1930s - s

How do you say come back soon in french?

Literally, "Reviens bientôt", but its melodramatic nature will get you stares. You'd be better off using euphemisms : "(Ne) reviens pas trop tard" ("Don't be back too late"),

How do you say come back soon in Japanese?

Casually: 間もなくここに帰ってね! Mamonaku koko ni kaette ne! Politely: 間もなくここに帰って下さい! Mamonaku koko ni kaette kudasai!

When is soon?

Biblically, soon is anytime between now and then.

Is Jesus Christ coming back soon?

One view: Don't expect Christ to be descending with the clouds from heaven. This is literal interpretation of the Bible. In the Old Testament, Daniel prophesied that the Messi
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