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Who sings The gospel song that has the lyrics the question is when is jesus coming back the answer is soon soon soon?

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The Gospel group from the 80s called the Winans
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Where can I fing the Lyrics to southern gospel song Someday Soon?

Can you give me more detail aout this song? Do you know any of the lyrics or just the title? DO you know who saing it? If not, was it a male or female? Group or soloist? Give

How soon is soon to come back to you if possible?

  There is really no specific time or limit when someone may decide to come back it could be within days to weeks or longers. Sooner is always better however, it is always

Is Jesus Christ coming back soon?

One view: Don't expect Christ to be descending with the clouds from heaven. This is literal interpretation of the Bible. In the Old Testament, Daniel prophesied that the Messi

When is soon?

Biblically, soon is anytime between now and then.

What are the lyrics to southern gospel song Coming Soon?

Coming soon jesus in all his glory not just a savior, but a reigning king coming soon and the whole world will be witness oh be ready, for he is coming soon verse 1 once he ca

Is Jesus Christ coming soon?

Yes. He said so himsaelf in Revelation 22.20 - "Surely I come quickly." Another Answer: Jesus told us that no one but the Father knows the day and hour - not even Him. Yet, J

What will the sign be that Jesus will come back soon?

What are signs that show that Jesus is coming soon? Well, there is, 1)Increase in knowledge 2)Increase in evil 3)Wars and rumors of war 4) Return of the Jews to Israel 5)False

Will Jesus come back soon?

No man knows the day or the hour Jesus will return. We also know it will be a time we son't expect.

Is Jesus' coming soon?

Yes. But here is the catch. From Jesus' point of view, all times are "soon". _________________________________________________________________ No one knows when Jesus (peace b