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Your novels are geared toward readers as young as middle school, yet even adults enjoy your stories. What's your trick to entertaining audiences of all ages?

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Christmas Rock Songs You'll Recognize

Many musicians get into the Christmas spirit and release their own Christmas rock songs. You may not even know that a favorite artist sings a certain holiday song. However, th (MORE)

10 Classic Country Songs that Hit a Political Chord

Hank Williams Jr. released this song on his album "Old School, New Rules." In the song he compared President Barack Obama to Hitler. Williams used this song to send a message (MORE)
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Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

When learning the guitar, learning to play a song will help you remember the fingering on the chords. If you just practice chords, you can forget where to place your fingers t (MORE)
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Who sings the song in the new Ford Ka commercial?

its by soundtree and is called gofindit   The music is supplied by soundtree productions ltd in london, no specific band or artist given.   THE BAND THAT SINGS IT IS CAL (MORE)

Fun American Folk Songs for Children

There are many songs that are staples for children, and many of these are old folk songs. Their meanings have changed and some of their words are different than the originals, (MORE)
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Must-have Pop Songs for a Dance Party

When you want a dance party people are sure to talk about for years, a good soundtrack is absolutely necessary. The pop party songs you select must be catchy and have great da (MORE)