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Who sings the song on the Honda commercial with we like the funk?

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Parliament- Give Up the Funk
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Who sings the background song for the new Honda Accord Commercials?

Actually in the Accord commercial that song is by Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on Tight.   Christopher Kay sings this "Hold on Tight to your Dreams", Album, "More than T

Who sings the song living in funk?

You might be thinking of the song "Eminence Front" recorded by The Who. Another song called Funk, Funk by Cameo (1977) has the lyrics; 'Cause we are living in funk' with lo

What song is the family singing in the new Honda commercial?

Weezer-Buddy Holly   What's with these homies, dissin' my girl    Why do they gotta front    What did we ever do to these guys    That made them so violent