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Who sings the song with lyrics 'i dont need no man and i dont need no lovin'?

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Nina Storey - No Man
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Who sings the song dont cry?

Guns n Roses, from their album Use Your Illusion I (Use Your Illusion II featured alternative lyrics). Vocals, Axl Rose; lead guitar, Slash; rhythm guitar, Izzy Stradlin; keyb

Who sings the song with the lyrics dont think i cant love you?

  the song is called "Don't Think I Can't Love You" by Jake Owens.   Here ar ethe lyrics:   Well, I learned the hard way real early in life That money sure don't g

What song contains the lyric I cant help lovin that man?

The song is " Can't Help Lovin' That Man", sung by Barbra Steisand.  Lyrics:    Oh listen sister,   I love my mister man,   And I can't tell you why   Ther

Annie- i dont need anything but you lyrics?

[WARBUCKS AND ANNIE] Together at last! Together for ever! We're tying a knot, They never can sever! [WARBUCKS] I don't need sunshine now, To turn my skies at blu