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Who sings the spanish song at the beginning it goes dicen que los hombres no deben llorar por una mujer aue les a pagado mal?

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LA Sombra  another answer!No no no quien es la sombra? es "Ivy Queen" quien la canta (its Ivy Queen who sings it)
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its Pedro fernandez..... its an old song though so the original singer is Leonardo favio
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Porque Los Guatemaltecos Le Dicen Canches a las Personas Rubias?

  Canchitas, Canches, Canchuzco,Canchuzca, Todos Son Palabras Referidas A Ser Pelo o Color de Piel Rubia(o) En Guatemala Siempre Escuchara Eso, Pero No Aqui Estan Las Opci

What actors and actresses appeared in Lo que callamos las mujeres - 2001?

The cast of Lo que callamos las mujeres - 2001 includes: Vanessa Acosta as Fernanda Vanessa Acosta as Laura Tamara Acosta as Yesenia Susana Alexander Laura Almela as Elena Agu

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  If it is a question, it means "Which woman?". If it is an expleteive, it means "What a woman!"

What is a deben?

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Who sings spanish song aguadilla?

Hector luvoe was the first to sing it but years after Hector Luvoe died a biography movie called "El Cantante" was filmed starring marc anthony who sung this song. By the way

Who sings that spanish song busca amor nada mas que amor?

there are only two bands that sing the song indifferent styles first:BOTELLITA DE JEREZ,a Mexican rock band who recorded this song in 1990 and also RAMON AYALA Mexican norteno

Im looking for a salsa song from the 80s and it starts like this oh mama sienteme aqui estoy dejame nacer and that's the corus then it goes...tengo dos meses i una curiosidad por que mi cuerpecito?

La cancion se llama "Oh mama" la canta : Nino segarra   song name "Oh mama" singer : Nino segarra   tengo 2 meses   y una curiosidad   porque mi cuerpecito   au

What does dicen mean in Spanish?

Dicen means: They say. Spanish: Los estudiantes DICEN que manana es la prueba de ciencias. English: The students say that tomorrow is the science test.