Who sings the theme song for the television show The Shift?

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WOM 106 Urban Underground Something is wrong David Ayers & Felix Tod
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Where can you find TV show theme songs?

Answer I have purchased a few cd's of TV show theme songs from music stores and internet music sites. They are all out there! Enjoy! Answer There is a website called televisiontunes.com They have TV Themes from all decades and they are available for download as .mp3

What are the lyrics to the Curious George TV show theme song?

You can get the lyrics in the parent FAQ section of the PBS site.It is also listed under the related links. You never do know what's around the bend A big adventure or a brand new friend When you're curious, like Curious George (Swing!) When everyday (everyday!) is so glorious (glorious!) Thenever (MORE)

Who sings the theme song for the tv show Gossip Girl?

The song is "Something To Believe In" by Aqualung. Matt Hales is the keyboardist and singer in the band.. The song "Something to Believe In" is from their album "Memory Man.". Revolving around a group of privileged teens who inhabit Manhattan's Upper East Side, the new CW Network series "Gossip Gi (MORE)

What is the theme song to the TV show House?

\n . \n"Teardrop" by Massive Attack is used in the US. In many places overseas, because of copyright issues, the show has a different theme song, written specifically for the show. You can also hear this alternate theme song during the end credits of the show everywhere.

What is the theme song to the TV show K-Ville?

Answer . 1.) Dr. John- Wade: Hurricane Suite: Aftermath. Who Dat!. 2.). Here is a flash version of the song;. http://www.fox.com/music/?show_id=kville&clip_id=k_ville_longform_fullversion. The answer comes from Dave Walkers blog on nola.com found here. http://blog.nola.com/davewalker/2007/1 (MORE)

Did Johnny Western sing the theme song for the tv show Cheyenne If not who did?

The group "The Mellomen" (Thurl Ravenscroft, Bill Lee, Bob Stevens and Max Smith) sung the theme to Cheyenne. They also did the other Warner Brothers westerns, and the Zorro series theme music. One of their last performances was the opening music to "El Dorado" (Bill Cole replaced Bob Stevens at lea (MORE)

What TV show used your Our House as it theme song?

\nI had this same question! I just did a quick google search and found that the show was also called Our House. It stared Wilfred Brimley. Here is a link to the website that I got my information from: http://www.project80s.com/television/television-80s.php?tvshow=Our-House

What is the theme song from the TV show Huckleberry Finn and His Friends?

It was a hokey, pseudo C&W thing- We"ve got the steam up ( reference to a boat, not a drinking bout) and so on, the refrain was Hear that Whistle Blow- again transportation related. This is the TV show that ran on the late seventies and had only the most tenuous connections to Mark Twain"s classic.

What are the lyrics to the iCarly TV show theme song?

In 5,4,3,2 I know....you see Some how the world will change for me... And be so wonderful Live life Breath air I know some how where gonna get there... And feel so wonderful Its all for real Im tellin you just how i feel So wake up the members of my nation Its your time to be Theres no chance unless (MORE)

What TV show has the theme song up up and away?

Cultural reference. Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (March 2009) . The 5th Dimension recording was used in the film Born on the Fourth of July . . Fred Norris of The Howard Stern Show (MORE)

What is the theme song for the tv show The Mentalist?

Blake Neely's webpage is http://www.cowonthewall.com/projects/mentalist/ .. He's the composer. I listened to his tracks from his page and Track 10 - Ep 103: Keys Trick sounds very very very much like the opening sequence. I believe that's it.. However, his track titled I Believe - Theme from The M (MORE)

What tv show was the song Happy Together the theme song?

Using google I found the show was called Live-In and starred Lisa Patrick. First I found Happy Together as a TV theme at: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.lyrics/browse_thread/thread/8c80bf2c1bd89de1 then I found Live-In at: http://www.film.com/tv/live-in/21330239 Haven't foun (MORE)

Who sings the theme song for the new TV show called 'Lie to Me?

The theme song for lie to me is called Brand New Day and its sung by Ryan Star. http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=DkQNXyl73z46WXQcl2aP - you can download it free without any bugs from this link or... Watch it on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53kyeXL8pHM Enjoy xxx

What tv show did Anita Baker sing the theme song for?

As I recall, it was not a theme song but a commercial for Orange Juice- From the Florida Sunshine Tree! ( Come to the Florida Sunshine tree) this was a commercial by the Florida citrus growers, and not in any sense a TV theme song. a neat question.

Who sings the dog tales tv theme song?

Wrong! There is indeed a very fun"dog lovers magazine" syndicated TV show called "Dog Tales". Ibelieve it has been aired since 2012. See dogtalestv.com. If youlook at the credits at the end of the show, it doesn't say whosings the various songs they use. But it does list "songs by" andhas the names (MORE)

What are the words to the theme song for the tv show wkrp in Cincinnati?

"WKRP in Cincinnati" (1978-1982) Baby, if you've ever wondered Wondered whatever became of me I'm living on the air in Cincinnati Cincinnati WKRP Got kind of tired of packin' and unpackin' Town to Town Up and down the dial Maybe you and me Were never meant to be Just maybe think of me Once in a whi (MORE)

What is the theme song for shake it up the tv show?

The theme song is called Shake It Up just like the show. TV, Disney's princess Selena Gomez lent her voice too the producers of Shake It Up and sang the theme song of the hit TV. show. Gomez also helped produce, conduct, write, and sing the theme song.

Which TV shows have a cast member sing the theme song?

There aren't many. TV theme songs have gone by the wayside in general and not many of them are or were sung by the cast.. Here are a handful that features at least one cast member singing the theme.. Family Guy . American Dad . The Cleveland Show . All in the Family . Fairly Odd Parents (MORE)