Who sold kessler arms shotguns?

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Kessler Arms Corporation
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How old are Riverside Arms shotguns?

Stevens used the Riverside name from about 1920-1945. It was a brand name used by Stevens for Montgomery Wards and other retailers. They still made some exposed hammer guns at least until 1940.

What is the value of Riverside Arms shotguns?

The Stevens division of Savage Arms made the Riverside guns from about 1916 to 1930. It was a second-tier gun to Stevens. Fit & finish may be a little rougher than those with the company name, but still a well built utility shotgun. It may have the equivalent Stevens model number marked on the ri (MORE)

What is the value of a Diamond Arms shotgun?

Diamond Arms was a trade name used Shapleigh Hardware for guns that were actually made by Iver Johnson of Fitchburg, MA, c. 1920-1950. These were utility guns. Prior to WWI Diamond Arms shotguns were Belgian imports. They would bring about the same prices, but strictly as mantle decorations. These a (MORE)

Who manufactured Diamond Arms shotguns?

Answer . \nThe 23rd edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values refers to Adco Sales Incorporated, located in Walburn, Mass. But AdCo had nothing to do with these shotguns. They import semi-automatic shotguns made in Turkey.\n. \nDiamond Arms Co. was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware of St Loui (MORE)

How do you find information on Springfield Arms shotguns?

Contrary to what some believe, Springfield Arms was never a subsidary company of Cresent Arms. Springfeild Arms, like Cresent Arms, were both bought out by Stevens/Savage. Unlike the Cresent, Springfield manufacturing continued after the buy out. Some clarification: Springfield Arms Co was absorb (MORE)

How do you find parts for a Diamond Arms shotgun?

Diamond Arms Co was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri in the late 19th and early 20th century. It may have actually been manufactured by Iver Johnson, J. Stevens, or one of several Belgian firms. Parts will be hard to find. If you can identify it as a particular (MORE)

What is the value of Syracuse Arms Co shotguns?

Answer . I just got through researching this for a friend. Found some on some gun auction sites. depending on condition, its worth is between $200 and $1,300. Answer . It really depends on the grade and condition of the shotgun. The Double Gun Journal has had several articles in the last 2 ye (MORE)

What company sold Watauga shotguns?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Wautauga was a trade name used by the Whitaker, Holtsinger Hardware Company of Morristown, Tennessee on firearms they retailed. Folsom, a sportings goods distributor and retailer in New York, was probably the wholesaler. They did not manufacture any firearms but Crescent Firearm (MORE)

What is information on Western Arms shotguns?

Western Arms shotguns Ithaca marked guns with the Western Armstrade name for Montgomery Ward and/or Sears Roebuck. Ithaca Gun Co.can be contacted via email at: info@ithacagun.com Office is locatedat: Ithaca Gun Company, LLC 901 Route 34B King Ferry, NY 13081Phone: 315.364.7171 Fax: 315.364.5134/( TH (MORE)

What are Oxford Arms shotguns?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Oxford Arms Company was a trade name used by the Crescent Firearms Company on shotguns made for the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky, c. 1890-1920. It will not have a serial number. I have an Oxford 16 gauge side-by-side. It has a serial number. Take the barrels (MORE)

What is information on Oxford Arms shotguns?

\n Oxford Arms \n. \nOxford Arms Company: Trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky. Folsom had guns manufactured by a subsidiary company, Crescent Arms, and also imported many from a variety of Belgian firms. (MORE)

What is the history of a Vulcan Arms shotgun?

\n Answer \n. \nVulcan: Trade name used by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Edward K. Tryon Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Folsom was a retail/wholesale operation in NYC and the gun would have been manufactured either by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, or by one (MORE)

Henry Arms Co shotgun?

Henry Arms Co. was a name used on shotguns distributed by H&D Folsom c. 1900. It may have been manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Meriden, CT, or it may have been imported from a Belgian maker. No relation to the famous Henry Repeating Rifles which were the forerunners of the Winchester lever action (MORE)

What is the value of a St. Louis Arms shotgun?

%DETAILS%. Answer . If it was in new condition, it could be worth $200+, but since it's already worn, it may be worth only half as much (or possibly even less). As a collectable, re-finished/restored is equal to worn-out (no ORIGINAL finish remaining), so you won't be doing any monetary damage (MORE)

When was the diamond arm shotgun invented?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Diamond Arms Company: Trade name used by the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on shotguns they retailed. Probably manufactured by J. Stevens Arms, but possibly a Belgian import. Look for an oval around "ELG*". If it has it, it is Belgian, but most of thes (MORE)

Where can you purchase parts for an American Arms shotgun?

It should only cost a few dollars if it only needs the firing pinreplaced. Your shotgun is only worth $50-$75 as a shooter (but havethe gunsmith verify that it is safe) and about the same as adecorator (wouldn't need the firing pin anyway). So, economically,it's probably not worth the expense.

What is the value of Diamond Arms shotguns?

Sort of asking what a flat-head Ford is worth. I can guess that it is either a single or double barrel break action and in NRA Good condition. A single-shot would normally retail for about $50-$75 and a double $125-$150, but apparently .410's are getting popular with both shooters and collectors, so (MORE)

Liege United Arms Co shotgun?

%DETAILS%. Answer . I have a full ckoke 168, Liege double barrel 12 guage shotgun. The serial # is 10003 and the model is a "Leader". I am looking for the approximent value of it or a way to find it out.. I have one also serial no. 19203, 12 ga. 30" F& IC. It has engraving and looks like. a Fr (MORE)

Eastern Arms 20 gauge shotgun?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Eastern Arms was a trade name used by Sears Roebuck on firearms from a variety of manufacturers. The Model 101.7 shows in my cross reference list as being a Stevens 311. If it's a hammerless double barrel, that would be right. Guy - The stock from a Stevens 5000, 5100, 311, o (MORE)

What is the history of Riverside Arms shotguns?

Riverside was a brand name used by the J. Stevens division of Savage Arms around 1940-1960. Riverside Arms Co was in business in the late 19th and early 20th century. This company was acquired by the Stevens divisio of Savage Arms sometime prior to WW2. I have a Riverside hammerless flatback 12 ga w (MORE)

What are facts about Mississippi Valley Arms shotguns?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Mississippi Valley Arms Company: Trade name by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company on firearms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri. \nFolsom was a sporting goods wholesale/retail business in New York City. The actual manufacturer of a hammerless double (MORE)

Who made Eastern Arms shotguns?

\n Eastern Arms \n. \nEastern Arms was a Sears Roebuck trade name. Manufacturers included Meriden Firearms, Iver Johnson A&C, Stevens/Savage Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

What is the value of a Western Arms and Co shotgun?

%DETAILS%. Answer . This name has been used by several companies, but most of the shotguns encountered with this name will have been made by Ithaca around 1930 - 1950. If your father only THINKS it is a century old, I would bet it is one of these. However if he KNOWS it is that old, I have fou (MORE)

How do you know the age of a Riverside Arms shotgun?

"Riverside" was a brand model shotgun produced by the J. Stevens Co. (which was bought out by Savage in 1920) - These were utility grade double barrel shotguns manufactured between 1877 and 1988.. If the serial number is prefixed with a letter it was manufactured after 1949. If there is no letter, (MORE)

Parts for Eastern Arms shotgun?

Answer . \nYour Eastern Arms would have been made by Stevens/Savage Arms without your mod. number I can't help you. please email me at eagle44mag@adelphia.net if you need further help. Thanks, Rick

What is the value of a Beebe arms shotgun?

Answer . \nI am also looking for information pertaining to BeeBe Arms Company and the vintage of a particular single barrel I have in my possession. Forearm serial #4763, barrel serial #224763, and butt stock serial #224763. The value of the piece would be interesting but I am more interested in (MORE)

What is the age of a Lefever Arms Co shotgun?

Lefever arms company made shotguns from 1885-1916. After that Ithaca acquired the Lefever name. The Ithaca ones are generaly worth less. But I need more info from you. Serial # and other markings??? answer Can you give more info?? Any and all numbers and letters on water table. (flat area on rece (MORE)

Syracuse Arms Co shotgun?

Excerpts from The Firing Line Forum and Firearms Forum Questions and answers from Shotgun Tom and WarPig: The 16-bore Syracuse gun was first listed in Syracuse Arms Company catalogs in 1901 (the 20-bore in 1902), and it was offered in all grades from Grade OO, the lowest, to Grade D, the highest; an (MORE)

What is the value of a 1905 diamond arm shotgun?

Answer . \nDiamond Arms was one of the many house brand names used by Crescent Arms, which went out of business in 1932. Manufacture records have been lost, and dating is impossible. The 1905 date is the patent date, not the year of manufacture. These guns have never inspired collector interest, (MORE)

Who made Crown Arms shotguns?

I'm told Crown Arms Co, of Liege, Belgium, made a version of the Stevens 311 shotgun in the early 1900's. Mine is a 10 ga, double barrel with "Twisted Belgium" on it. Value is said to be in the $75 to $500 range, depending, of course on condition. The SN is found by opening the receiver. There is al (MORE)

What is the value of a Kessler arms corp mdl 326?

I just got a Kessler mdl 326 20 gauge shotgun, apparently Kessler made these bolt action shotguns from 1951-1953 before they went out of buisness. On the underside of the barrel their should be three numbers that will denote whether it is 51,52, of 53. In mint condition these guns are only worth abo (MORE)

Who bought Kessler Arms Corporation?

The company was disolved in bankruptcy. Numrich Arms Company bought the remaining inventory of guns and parts. Marlin somehow seems to have acquired the rights to the "Lever-Matic" action.

Are sawn off shotguns sold in stores?

Yes, however any shotgun with a barrel length less then 18" is considered a "Short Barrelled Shotgun" and falls under the "National Firearms Act of 1934", which means the gun shop selling needs a special license from the Federal gov't, aka the BATFE to sell weapons like machine guns/Short barrelled (MORE)

Who made American arms shotguns?

American Arms imported Spanish shotguns manufactured by Zabala Hermanos, Lanber, and Indesal. Italian shotguns were also imported and mfg. by Stefano Fausti (Models Silver, Waterfowl, and Turkey Special).

What is the value of a eastern arms 410 shotgun?

This is the canned answer to the general question "how much is my gun worth". There is no way that this can be determined via a description of the firearm because condition of the item is critical to its value. In addition, whether the gun is considered to be modern or antique will significantly a (MORE)