Who sold kessler arms shotguns?

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Kessler Arms Corporation
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What company sold Watauga shotguns?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Wautauga was a trade name used by the Whitaker, Holtsinger Hardware Company of Morristown, Tennessee on firearms they retailed. Folsom, a sportings goods

What is the value of a Kessler arms corp mdl 326?

I just got a Kessler mdl 326 20 gauge shotgun, apparently Kessler made these bolt action shotguns from 1951-1953 before they went out of buisness. On the underside of the barr

Who bought Kessler Arms Corporation?

The company was disolved in bankruptcy. Numrich Arms Company bought the remaining inventory of guns and parts. Marlin somehow seems to have acquired the rights to the "Lever-M