Who spied for Abraham Lincoln in Civil war?

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Many spied. Brinks men were hired, but others also spied. There was a southern actress who spied for several years. She is buried in the military cemetery at the Presido in San Francisco.
Various people spied for the Union. The Pinkerson men did work for them and other civilians. At the time there were touring theater companies and several had actors/ actresses that spied because they moved through the south. One interesting spy was Charles Heidsick a Frenchman who was from a wealthy champagne family. He disguised himself as a bartender and worked on the Mississippi steamers. He carried info for the confederates.
Alan Pinkerton headed the Union intelligence service.
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What did Abraham Lincoln do for the Civil War?

He was the President during the civil war and kept the idea alive that the nation would come together. He commanded the Union troops, made a few mistakes, but in the long run

Was Abraham Lincoln in the civil war?

He was President of the United States at the time. He wasn't in any of the battles, but he did occasioanlly visit battlefields after the fighting had ended as he did at Gettys
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What did Abraham Lincoln do to change the civil war?

He had munitions, warm clothes, shoes, hats, horses, ammunition and all necessary military accompaniments for fighting the southern states, who had nothing but great leaders,